June 22, 2006

Displaying Error Notices

My friend called me yesterday to ask me to send out an e-mail to our group of friends, confirming a lunch meeting this weekend. She complained that she was not able to get online and so, wasn't able to send out the threaten... errr... reminder e-mail to the rest of us.

I did some snooping around to check if the ISP was having some issues and true, enough, they were and so, I found the message as shown below:

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However, note that there was a slight issue when I saw the message. -_-

The 2nd paragraph (as hi-lighted) had a font size smaller than what was expected, which might indicate that the ISP wasn't really interested in "restoring services" ?

Wouldn't this send a wrong perception to the customer reading this message?

Anyway, call me fussy but I believe that what message you provide to the customer is a reflection of the professionalism of the company.

I was browsing the ISP's site using Mozilla Firefox and so, this font size difference really showed up quite obvious on my browser. However, it was slightly less when I browsed using Microsoft IE.

Goes to show, these people didn't standardize on their CSS or they didn't do enough browser compatibility tests before rolling the page out.


  1. wahahaaa.. maybe they forget to comment that message hahaa... seem very lousy.. =.=||

  2. Kekeke... Yealo, quite careless.

    Maybe they hope that the notice won't be seen so that they don't have to make sure that the service will come up at the proposed time. :P


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