June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

Needless to say, support work has been redirected towards other more important channels. (^_^)

Gambateh England!!! May you reach beyond Quarter-Finals this year....

P/S: Its a joke. I don't have any application which will do this. ^___^


  1. u..ok ah? hahaha. world cup fever?

  2. Muahahaha!!!!!!

    Sudah gila bola liao... I think this would be a nice Easter Egg for some desktop app.

  3. wahahahaa... like that also can ah? then i think the support team must very happy to see this hahahaa..

  4. haha i like the proggies u advertise on your site.. wahlau u really are geek huh ;p

  5. [sonikbyte] hahhaa... yes, i'm a big big geek. i love opensource/free stuff.

    community-based software is good because lots of people contribute to it. i wish i had the time to participate in such projects. :(

    the only way i can help out is just to spread the word...


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