June 02, 2006

Nice and Free - meebo.com

I'm a cheapskate.. Haha. Really.. Nah!! Kidding!!

Basically, I'm always happy to find out little gems on the Internet which costs $o or less and Meebo is just one of them.

It's a website which allows you to login to your MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, GTalk and AIM to chat without any client install! Neat-o, huh?? So, no more messy client installs on your PC, and if you're lazy, you can just login to this site using a normal web-browser.

The best part is, this site uses AJAX technology and so, they're really at the cutting edge of this new stuff. The site is really good, allowing you to reconnect to your clients without refreshing your browser. The best thing is, no pop-ups!! All the "windows" are running in the browser page!!!

The most amazing part of this software --- its still in ALPHA mode...

Anyway, they're asking people to help advertise their site and put in an ad-button on their pages.

Well, being someone who loves to put in a good word for good, reliable, (and free!) software, I've decided to advertise for meebo as well.

Love meebo...

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