September 17, 2006

Aiyo.. Are you sure you Malaysian or Not?

I had lunch with a few ex-colleagues today. It was a nice Saturday and we haven't seen each other for a while...
** Damn! Should have taken some photos... ** (-__-)

We were catching up with each other and just talking about general stuff as my friend announced that he's getting married next year. --> ** WAH LIAO!! Advanced Warning!! **

Anyway, we were talking about how this one ex-colleague was so blur... Here's the sample conversation according to her... (^_^)

** Some time back in August 2006 **
Ex-Colleague Aunty: Aiyooo.. My Singapaw flen so gud... Got holiday today....
Ex-Colleague Friend: Hah?? Really-ar... ** Very busy typing... **
Ex-Colleague Aunty: Yealo... **Thinking**
Ex-Colleague Aunty: Eh... You know what day is it today-ar?
Ex-Colleague Friend: Hah? What...?
Ex-Colleague Aunty: Aiyooo... You sure you Malaysian or not? Today is Singapaw National Day-la!!
Ex-Colleague Friend: O____O --> ????????? ** Thinking, what is Singapaw National Day got to do with us?? **

Note: This "Aunty" can't pronounced certain English words properly, so, hence...
flen - friend
Singapaw - Big island south of state of Johor, some country-la

As my friend finished her story, we just sat there, LOL.. I nearly fell off my chair. Kekekeke....

It got me thinking... Today is 16th September 2006... MORE IMPORTANTLY, DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY????

Give you 3 seconds.. If you cannot answer, haii.. I congratulate you. You are certainly a product of the Malaysian Education System. (^___^)

Selamat Hari Malaysia....


  1. Wendy3:24 pm

    Happy Malaysia day to you too.. kekeke...

  2. What is about 16th September 2006??? Haha..
    But that day I watched a siaran langsung on TV.. hmm.. is it about East Malaysia ah? My Sejarah not good 1.. wahaha

  3. alamak...

    neemaii.. give u chan...

    we wouldn't b malaysia if it weren't 4...
    1) some barger think "tanah melayu" not nice name


    2) tanah melayu merger with sabah, sarawak and.... guess wat.. S'PORE!!!

    hehe... guess-la.. which 1 is correct.. ^_^

    anyway, u're exempt from this a bit-la since u study chinese history... :P

  4. Haha.. I knew liao.. few days ago listened to radio then only recalled back what was inside the Sejarah book... wahahahha...


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