September 10, 2006

Exhausting Weekend...(-___-)

I'm absolutely tired. I could just fall asleep on my lapppppppperewraera'foka;qkl3eavameir1lmhs/[ppafd..ZZZZZZZzzsaerar.... ***oops*** laptop... (@____@)

It all started some many many many bulan (Malay-Eng. translated: moon) back.

Mom: Please clean up your table..
Me: **mumble mumble**.... ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ
Me: <-- T I D U R (Eng. translated: sleep)
Mom: >___<

** Some "bulans" (Eng. translated: plural of moon) later **
** Came home from work... mau 死 (die) from 重音 (stress) @ 办公室 (office)... Went to my room.. **
Mom: Noticed anything different?
Me: ...... \^o^/ **shock**
Mom: 吓死你了!!... (Cantonese-Eng translated: Scare you to death-le!)
Me: ...
Mom: I cleaned your table, so much dust!! Next time, better clean up, ok??
Me: ...

** Some more "bulans" later... Wednesday, 6th Sept 2006 **
Mom: You better stay home this weekend.
Me: Why??
Mom: Got people coming to paint the house tomorrow and you need to clean your room.
Me: ...... \^o^/ **shock**
Me: SO FAST??!!!
Mom: Yeah, we never expect it also, but the fella is coming to paint the house tomorrow. I give you colour to choose, ok?
Me: ...

** Present day... Sunday, 10th Sept 2006, 10:37pm **
Actually, my Mom asked me to choose a paint colour and I've been going around either green or blue. My Mom kept saying too dark and won't be nice. In the end, we end up with some "vineyard green" colour for the interior rooms.

Me: Aiyo... 我瘁死了... (Cantonese translated: I am so tired until I want to die)
Mom: Why??
Me: I pick this up and that up. Move this box here and there... Tired...
Mom: Oh! So, are you done yet?
Me: No, just finish the tables and part of the shelf. I want to move some books to storage. Maybe might sell them to 2nd hand bookshop.
Mom: How about your cupboard?
Me: Cannot! That one another day...
Mom: The drawers?
Me: Wah!! You want me to die-ar? That one, another day...
Mom: Ohhh...
Me: So tired... So tired...
Mom: Go bathe and then sleep early-la!!

I'm afraid that after this post, after my shower, I will go tidur and may not wake up in time for work since I'm so tired. This is a good workout. I seriously think my Mom is quite happy that my room is finally being cleaned.

Mom: You know..
Me: What?
Mom: This is a good way to get you to clear all your rubbish...
Me: .... (o_______0) ** mata terbeliak ** (Malay-Eng translated: Eyes pop out of socket)


P/S: I know that I'm very lucky to have my Mom to help clean my room for me. But you see, she "beh tahan" (Hokkien: cannot stand) the amount of rubbish I kept in my room anymore that she had to take some drastic action.
Anyway, she doesn't do this anymore, the most she does is just to wipe the surface area from time to time... (^_^) I still need to do all the hard labour-le... (-___-*)


  1. Now you are staying in a clean and tidy room ma.. 值得值得.. ^_^

  2. yea... my teacher used to say, "suffer now, enjoy later" ma...(^-^)

    but now, i really suffer-le... (-___-)

  3. Sameeee... my mum always scold me that my table is full of dust. Hahaha.. don't bother to tidy. Only when my famil was going to move house, I had to pack everything up. :P

  4. Hehehe...

    Yea, in a way, my mom found out the best way to get all of us to clean our junk is to hire some painters... (^__^)

    Geez... I wonder if I can do that to my kids next time... LOL!!!


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