September 14, 2006

Still Tired....

Snoopy, taking a nap

Finally, the house painting is almost complete. All the rooms were painted and all that is left are the grills and other small stuff to clean up. I believe the doors of the house are to be painted as well. If I'm not mistaken, my Mom has chosen white. -___-

Yes.. Yes... Its a boring colour and yes, it will mean that we have to have clean hands when we use the door. I'm actually quite happy with the current colour, but Mom said that it doesn't match our new look.

Anyway, there is still a lot of junk even after we cleaned up the place. I was going through some stuff and found that I had software from way back in 1999... (o___0)

I think some of these software are either
  1. obsolete
  2. bought over by M$ to be apart of its tools
  3. original developer died. look at 1st option
  4. the o/s became obsolete
Oh well, as much as I would like to keep some of the software CDs (what? You don't recall software being in CDs??? Oh yea, these days, software comes in DVDs.. ^_^), I can't find any use for it anymore.

So, armed with a whole bunch of CD jewel cases, I thought of something to do with it...
  1. Build a replica of where I work...... KLCC-la...
  2. Build a fort made of plastic for me and Snoopy to play...
  3. Give Snoopy something to play with (unlimited frisbees)
  4. Recycle... --> become future empty DVD??
Anyway, I'm still exhausted from all this cleaning. I had a night "off" as I was so exhausted from the last few nights that I had enough of the cleaning. However, the mess is waiting for me and I've got to clear it up by this weekend. So, my plans are set... *sigh*...

One thing I'm glad though, the weather had been pretty good for the painters to complete the job on time. (^___^)


OK.. Time to go....

I'm breathing in too many paint fumes....

o_____0.... **pengsan**

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