September 21, 2006

Jams (Not the Sweet Kind)

9:40am - Got into car, to get to work... ** Yes, I start work late... ^_^ **
9:44am - Damn!! Took me so long to find my shoes... (+__+)
9:45am - Listening to my favourite channels.. WTF??? Why so bad jam on opposite side of the road??
"... bla bla... Overturned lorry on Federal Highway, near Anchor/Guiness... Don't try to use NKVE as there is another overturned lorry near Bukit Jelutong toll... NPE at a standstill... "
9:47am - (O____O)... FaAAAARRRRR***KKKK....

I was on the Federal Highway when I heard the traffic update on the radio. Anyway, I decided to take my chance to get on the NKVE and turn off from Damansara Toll (cheaper-ma.. RM1 only...) and I was greeted by a wonderful view of classic Malaysian bottleneck road.... The jam was backlogged towards the toll... (o___O)... I had no choice.. Had to SMS my colleague.

Sent SMS: Fantastic traffic 2day. Massive jams everywhere. Chk hitz fm.
** Beep! Beep **
Received SMS: Wa... Take ur time.......

As it turned out, there WAS overturned lorries and as well as several car breakdowns on the way to work. The last I counted, when I reached my workplace in KL, was 4. ALL of them were locally made cars. 3 out of 4 were driven by females... Hmmm...

I'd guess these people didn't really maintain their car properly. It was particularly warm and sunny today. There is a kind of syndrome here in KL that when the rainy or hot season starts, cars tend to breakdown easily.... Don't ask me why... Must be some timer in the car engine which switches to "OFF" when it touches water or sunlight. LOL!!!

I managed to reach office by 10:30am.. *SIGH*.. Means, OT for the day... -__-|||

Oh well, got to think about LRT.......... But then, I've not recovered of being nearly crushed by a big guy...

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