December 05, 2009

Christmas Came Early for Me This Year

I'm pretty exhausted now although it has been hours since I got back from the hospital.

Well, I just got a great early Christmas prezzie... One of my doctors, i.e. the cardiologist is quite happy with my echo-cardiogram which I did this morning. According to him, my heart looks to be back to normal with the treatment I'm undergoing.

It was a very busy day at the hospital, with a lot of folks coming for their check-ups and etc. I had to wait for almost 1.5hrs to get my blood drawn for tests. Some kids had to get their blood drawn and being so small, I pity those kids who had to be pricked by needles.

This time, the technician somehow "chose" a small vein and it was difficult to draw blood out. -_-"

So, I was in a bit of pain. Funnily though, I'm not too scared of needles or blood. But then again, at one point, I did seriously think about taking up medicine but in the end didn't when I decidedly loved Physics more than Biology in pre-U.

Luckily, there was no queue at the diagnostics services but the echo-cardiogram took a really long time to complete. After all, the test was to scan all 4 chambers of the heart. I had forgotten that it was cold and by the time I finished, I was freezing.

All that time I did not have time to take my breakfast as I had to fast before my blood test. So, I only had a late breakfast/early lunch by 11:30am. After a quick bite, it was off to see the other doctor too.

The doctors did warn me about side-effects of the medication and should I experience any of the symptoms, I was to go back and see the doctors.

Other than that, I'm now free to do a bit more stuff at the gym... in small steps. That means, I can't start doing 20kg bench presses or dead lifts so soon but to do so gradually when I'm strong enough. It'll be mainly cardio and some light strength training to tone those muscles. I'm looking forward to doing some running soon.

I'll still need to see my doctors in about 2-6months time.

Meanwhile, I'm just glad to be able to celebrate Christmas in good health this year.

Thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers and thoughts. (^-^)


  1. Great news, indeed, Angie.

    When you're back to full health, we'll deadlift together, ya?


  2. Wonderful news!
    Cheers :)

    Actually pricky needles are not that scary. It's all in the head. Hehe

  3. Good to hear everything is OK. I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays! : )

  4. Good news.. So fast come liao ar..

  5. Hi chris, che-cheh, foong, keeyit!

    Chris - Ooooo.. Definitely! I've always got problem with my posture. Need someone to help spot for me. BTW, you signed up with CF yet?

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, it isn't so bad. I'm used to it now. However, I hate it when they go digging for my vein with the needle.. -_-"

    foongpc - Yeah!! I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays too.

    keeyit - Yeah... I'm lucky that I found my problems early & so, can recover faster.

  6. Angie, not yet. :)

    Will do so in the coming weeks.


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