December 24, 2009

Photography Excursion @ Sekinchan Part 3

After a great lunch, we all had quite a number of hours to "kill" before we could head towards our final goal - to have a great dinner at Ijok. So, based on the directions of the restaurant captain, we set off to find a lovely beach nearby.

We drove on and finally heard the sound of waves hitting against the shore... We were near a beach!


It's a slice of photography heaven as the beach was quiet and the sky was clear of any clouds... We jumped out of our cars and happily snapped away.


My only regret is that I don't have a lens hood and so, some shots appeared to have quite a bit of lens flare. However, I managed to incorporate that effect nicely...


When we walked on the beach, we noticed that we were not walking on sand but on shells!! Shells were just scattered around the beach.


Most of the shells were intact and absolutely beautiful. For those who loves to collect shells, it was a great find. Luckily, I brought some additional plastic bags to pass around everyone who were collecting the shells as the photographers were busy with their work.


We also saw that there were a few fishermen by the shore. We're not sure if they were locals who just came to fish for pleasure but this kid sitting by the beach offered a great subject for a photo.


I converted the photo to black & white for more impact... Luckily, the boy and the fishermen were not bothered by us. They were busy with the business of catching fish.


As I walk along the shoreline, I noticed a great tree which became a perch for some sea eagles flying in the area. I wished that I had a superzoom to capture their majestic flight around the beach. They did not approach us and as I neared the tree, they hid in the mangrove plants nearby.

We spent close to about 2hrs around the beach before moving on. We had another location to shoot before we headed off to Ijok for our dinner.


  1. I love the first picture. Indeed a photographer heaven!

  2. A lot of nice snaps Angie. is relatively clean. At least not much rubbish at sight. :D

    The picture with the boy superb. :D

  3. Hi Che-Cheh, Tekkaus,

    Che-Cheh - Thanks! Did you notice the lens flare? I didn't have a lens hood and so, had to be creative with that "mistake"

    Tekkaus - Yeah, it's a pristine beach. The sand is not as soft so, can't walk bare foot on it. Glad that you liked the photos...

  4. Yup I noticed. You can photoshop the flare you know?

  5. Love the photos! Nice beach! : )

  6. Hi Che-Cheh, Foong,

    Che-Cheh - Yeah, I used the photoshop's lens flare before. This is all natural.. :P

    foongpc - Yeah, it's the first time I've seen a very clean beach within Selangor's borders... You've been to Morib?


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