December 07, 2009

Upgrade Exercise - Phase 1 Completed


Not that the laptop upgrading exercise was so hard to do but I always feel a tinge of excitement and fear whenever I touch my PCs or laptops. Hence, I often break out in a cold sweat for the first 2 minutes or so. :P

I finally got my new 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD under budget. I spent RM352 for both pieces of hardware - which is great!! I had expected to pay > RM400 as it was hard to get a notebook IDE HDD these days as most of the notebook HDD sold are SATA.

Anyway, the easy part is done. The next task on my list is to change my hard disk and re-install all the stuff I had.

I think I will do that another day, as I've got to compile the updates and drivers.. *headache*


  1. We all love our technology. :-)


  2. Hehe good luck!
    yes pening ohh

  3. Hi Daniel, Che-Cheh!

    Gallivanter - Hehe.. Yea.. Love and Hate it sometimes..

    Che-Cheh - Thanks! So far, it's ok.


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