December 10, 2009

Upgrade Exercise - Phase 2: 90% Completed

Finally.. The HDD was installed in the laptop. It took me a while to get the pin slotted on the HDD connector pins as I "forgot" that I had to swap it from the old HDD to the new one. Kekeke...

Anyway, my laptop is not really a Vista, it's just made to look like Vista. :P I did try out a transformation pack to convert it to Windows 7 but found that there were some graphic glitches whenever I played videos or started some applications.

As you can see, I was still trying to install some photo-editing software but my DVD-drive is acting a bit funky and so, couldn't get the installer to run off the DVD properly. Grrrr...

So, that leads me to the next part. Now that I've upgraded my laptop, I suddenly heard a loud whirring noise from the fan... which means, I still need to clean the internals of this laptop!!!

Reading the manuals and some sites, it will not be an easy feat. Not only that, I've got to get a can of compressed air to really clear all that dust and grime accumulated for the last 5 yrs.. :P

I'm tired....


  1. wish to get my notebook to be upgraded too....using 2nd hand one now...kesian me.

  2. Hey why not bring your laptop to a computer shop? Let them do everything for you. I know all IT Hypermarket has a division for that. Because there's where I bring m PC whenever problem strike. They will clean the internal parts as well (if we ask them).

  3. Hmm..

    I normally kept my data to external HD..

    Because I afraid of HD corruption.

  4. Hi via, Che-Cheh, keeyit,

    vialentino - You're talking about your work laptop, right? I'm using a used laptop too. Anyway, if you need a personal laptop, go get it! You'll get a tax deduction...

    Che-Cheh - Quite leceh to bring to the shop to get it fixed/cleaned. Anyway, prefer to do stuff myself...

    keeyit - I have 3 external HDD to keep my stuff.. Anyway, can't trust the external HDD either as it can go corrupt too. My laptop's HDD stores transient data which is to be transferred out later.. :P


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