December 29, 2009

Photography Excursion @ Sekinchan Part 4

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

Well, hope that everyone had a great Christmas or still enjoying the Christmas break.

I was still working on all my photos during the Christmas break. It is a great pain to edit these photos as the damn perfectionist in me wants to get the photos perfect with the right effects done.

Anyway, aside from the lovely beach around Sekinchan, we managed to take photos of a small fishing villages nearby too. According to a friend, these villages are slowly disappearing as the land around gets converted into commercial property or housing for the locals. So, such picturesque scenery are getting fewer around Selangor.


We spotted this village on our way out to the beach and so, we decided that we would drop by before we left Sekinchan for Ijok.


I apologize for the saturation quality of the photos. I'd guess I took the photo using the wrong settings and didn't quite see it until I got back into the car. By then, it was too late...


This is probably my favourite shot in the series. Golden hour was fast approaching and standing in the shade, I pointed towards the horizon and just kept snapping.


It was still low tide and I was lucky to capture the scene where the boats were docked near the houses. It was quiet around the village as most of the fishermen were resting and waiting for the tide to come in so that they can go out to fish. It's a hard life...

We left Sekinchan to head out to Ijok for our dinner. The organizing team had booked a table at this Beggar's Chicken restaurant a few days in advance to make bookings for the beggar's chicken. You have to call a few days in advance to book for the Beggar's Chicken/Duck/Fish/Pork. We opted for the traditional chicken.


We also had seafood (again) and throwing cholesterol caution to the wind, we just indulged ourselves after a long day of "work".


The prawns were HUUUUGGGEEEE. We could only take 1 piece as we were stuffed with the glutinous rice, pork stomach soup, vegetables and fish. For dessert, we had chilled honey-sweet nangka. The nangka cost RM10 per kg but it was worth it. It was sweet and fragrant.

Sorry, no picture of the nangka as everyone quickly "sapu" (consumed) it all when it was put on the table.

Anyway, my apologies for not providing directions as I was a passenger and so, didn't have any directions with me. However, Googlemaps gave a good set of directions & I believe the drivers were using that as a guide to get to Sekinchan and Ijok.

*sigh*.. Now, I'm yearning for another photography excursion but I've yet to complete my other Christmas photos.. ARRGGGHHH!!!!


  1. Do you have to remind us how HUGEEEE the prawns were? :p Aww....I wanna have those too.

    Agreed. Those beautiful scenery are getting fewer nowadays. ;(

  2. Love the first picture because of the horizon color contrast with the blue sky.

    Does it smell ar (village)?

  3. Wow! Love that beggar chicken and the huge prawns!! Nice photos, btw : )

  4. Your landscape photos have very good colour contrast and the images are very sharp. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    What lens are you using?

  5. Hi all,

    Tekkaus - Kekeke.. My prawn quota for 2009 and part of 2010 has run out after taking 1 of those prawns...

    Che-Cheh - It wasn't too smelly... It smelt of fish. ;-)

    foongpc - Thanks foong! I think it was worthwhile to stop by the village...

    Mei Teng - Hehe.. Thanks to last minute tweaking of the camera settings and... photoshop!! I used my kit-lens 18-55mm only. Am looking for a good wide-angle (10-22/24mm) or superzoom to take more landscape photos...


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