January 01, 2010

01 01 2010

2009 has come and gone. Wonder if it is time to do the accounts? *ahem*...

Altogether, the 2000's was a pretty OK decade. I grew a lot in terms of career, friendships, spiritual and managed to be happy a long the way. There were some angry & sad moments but let's just focus on the positives...

So, should I look back on the past?

Nah... I'll just keep moving forward.

Rusty looking forward... to more treats & toys in 2010

May you continue to move forward in whatever you put your mind towards in this new year... decade...

So, my resolution this year will be somewhat vague but simple...

1. To Be Happier than Ever...
2. To Be Able to Rest More instead of Stress More when needed...
3. To Be More Positive
4. To Spread More Positive-ness (with the help of no.3)
5. To Be Healthier...



  1. Hi Angie,

    All the best in 2010!!!

    Have a great and fabulous year ahead! Happier, < Stress, > Positive, Healthier! :D


  2. Happy New Year 2010 to you too. :D Have great new year ok.

  3. Happy New Year!
    I want to be more positive too.

  4. Happy New Year to you!

    My resolution this year is to sleep earlier cos I slept late too many times last year! Haha


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