January 13, 2010

New York, New York Deli @ IUtama, PJ

Time to post something a little more light-hearted...

Lately I've been posting a lot of pictures on food. LOL!! Well, it was the Christmas season and so, being out and about, one cannot get away from eating out, right? :P

I've been to New York, New York Deli before for a quick bite but I didn't quite indulge in anything sinful unlike what I'm about to share with you folks...

New York, New York is a cafe which provides a slice of "Americana" cuisine, i.e. popular food from the US. Well, the menu serves up a lot of American classics like burgers and hotdogs but also some other American favourites like chilli con carne, fried chicken and ribs.

The cafe is a lot different from Chilli's or TGIF where the selection of items does not have a lot of Texan or Mexican items. In a sense, New York, New York offers a different slice of American Western cuisine.


This is a "disgusting" looking drink but in fact is quite yummy... Well, the "fake" blood definitely suits EV who, being an emotion vampire would find this drink absolutely nourishing...


The name of this drink - Bloody Eyeballs. Yes, EV dug up those eyeballs for me to see. Quite scary to sip a drink where you have 2 eyeballs starring back at you. But for EV, this is a relaxing drink. LOL!!!


Ok... Sinful food here. Prawn fritters. Need I say more? :P

I can't recall if it came with some sauce but the prawns were fresh and sweet. The batter was brilliant too. I only had a few pieces. This was after all, EV's snack before she had her main course (which I forgot to take photos of)


Since my diet was blown to hell... I just ordered the Teriyaki Beef burger. Absolutely delicious with the lettuce and tomato. What was lacking was a pickle and some onions. The portion of fries accompanying the burger was just right. There is only so much carbo we can absorb at one seating!

I cannot recall the price range but it is somewhat between the RM12 - 50, where RM50 gets you a large main meal of steak or ribs. My burger costs just below RM20 which is reasonable as the burger patty was made with real meat and not the generic burger meat you get elsewhere.

Will I go back there again? Definitely YES but will go for some healthier options. ;-)

BTW, the above shots were taken with my 50mm lens... Just love the bokeh...


  1. your photography is improving! nice food photography =)

  2. hahaha :D How come there were 2 eye balls floating on to of the drink. :p

  3. Hi crazy, tekkaus,

    crazywrazy - Hahaha.. Don't think my skills have improved a lot but my photoshopping has.. LOL!!

    Tekkaus - The drink is called Bloody Eyeballs.. Guess what they use to make the eyeballs.. Laici & Blueberries... Keng or not? :P

  4. nice food pics...btw, u din went for the ibm teambuilding at pullman? heard it is very nice and fun...

  5. Wow so sinful. What's more another burger? prosperity burger? hehehe

    What's the red thingy at the bottom of the bloody eyeballs?

  6. I love the food from this place too. I patronized the outlets in SG.

  7. Hi via, che-cheh, TH,

    vialentino - Didn't go for the IBM team building as PM didn't approve... :(

    Che-Cheh - Kakakaa.. Yes, I will have my Prosperity Burger soon. The stuff at the bottom of the glass... Dare I say blood? I think it was strawberry jelly or something..

    TH - Hey, does the SG branch serve pork? :P


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