January 03, 2010

Mini Steamboat Lunch @ Fong Lye, Gardens MidValley

A couple of months back, I met up with my friends for a quick lunch at Gardens, MidValley.

They had been quite interested to see how I was after I got out of the hospital and was about to go back to work.

We met up at my favourite Taiwanese restaurant, Fong Lye.

There's always some sort of a queue in front of Fong Lye and so far, this is perhaps one of the few Taiwanese places I've tried within the Klang Valley. I've been to a few others, including one which has started a chain of restaurants but I've always preferred Fong Lye.


Unfortunately, Fong Lye is a non-halal place as it serves pork dishes. It also has a few wonderful chicken and seafood dishes as well. What I like most about Fong Lye is that the main dish comes with a few side dishes as well.

This time round, we decided to go healthy and had something light to eat for lunch.


The stir-fried kangkung (Morning Glory) with garlic was scrumptious. I did request for less salt and oil but the dish still looks kind of oily. However, it still tasted delicious and goes well with rice.


EV had always been interested in the mini-steamboat and since there were 3 of us sharing, we ordered it to try. The steamboat comes with a variety of seafood - clams, fresh prawns, fish and meat balls. The set also comes with some vegetables and "tang hoon" noodles as well. I did not take much of the seafood but enjoyed the soup immensely as it had the lovely flavour of the seafood and vegetables.

I cannot recall how much the meal was exactly, but it came up to roughly RM60++ in total, which includes drinks for two people.

Hmmm... Now, looking at these photos makes me feel like having Taiwanese food soon... LOL!!


  1. Great looking food. Didn't know they serve steamboat too.

  2. The only Taiwanese restaurant I know is the one at SS2 haha.

  3. Hi Mei Teng, Che-Cheh,

    Mei Teng - Yeah, they do... Kekeke... But I like my home-cooked steamboat.

    Che-Cheh - Really? Is it good? :P

  4. Yummy! I went there many times and loved the big portion they gave! Only thing is they don't accept credit cards!!!

  5. Steamboat? Sounds like Foong really enjoy his time there. :D

  6. Hi foong, Tekkaus,

    foongpc - Hahahaha.. Yeah, the portions are large enough to share which is value for $$$. You really like Fong Lye? :P

    Tekkaus - Hey... Give it a try... Prawns are quite big. Kekeke

  7. Oily... so better don't go. Hehe


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