January 27, 2010

So Curious...

I can't believe that the twins are about to turn 5 months old!!

They are both quite adorable now and are very curious about their surroundings.


We don't take them out often as they were not strong enough to sit on their own. Besides, it is quite a hassle to bring the twins out. You have to prepare 2 of everything...

Anyway, on a rare occasion, we brought both of them out for lunch. Charlotte was sleeping, while Olivia was being entertained by a clown in the restaurant. Her Papa was holding on to her while she leaned forward...


Don't let looks deceive you. She was actually very excited with the balloon dog she had. She kept talking to the toy until she fell asleep.

Haha.. So adorable!


  1. Wow! 5 months already? How time flies! : )

  2. Anonymous8:52 am

    Wait till they grow up a little more....loads more fun listening to what they say and their funny antics! :)

  3. Anonymous8:52 am

    Btw, Italian Kitchen is at Jaya 33.

  4. I can see the Tan genetics. :p


  5. Hi foong, mei teng, Chris,

    foongpc - Yeah, time certainly flies. Soon, they will be able to crawl and put all stuff in their mouths. Tough time to jaga them when they start to be "mobile".

    Mei Teng - Hahaha.. Yeah. I find it funny when they start being so fascinated with their fingers. Thanks for the location of Italian Kitchen. Will have to check it out one day.

    Chris - Haha.. Only 50%. The other 50% contributed by my bro-in-law.. Wong genetics.


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