January 18, 2010

Going MF-Styley

Don't be alarmed.. My blog title is not a rude term... (^^)

It's just that I decided to try out the MF setting (Manual Focus) on my camera.

For quite some time I've been wondering if I should try to use MF on my pictures since I get quite frustrated with what the AF sets for me at times. The AF would have selected the closest point which would have been Snoopy's butt, a focus point which I did not want.

Anyway, here is the result of my experiment...

Snoopy was busy sunbathing... as usual...

This was taken with the kit-lens (18-55mm). I moved the focus rings manually, using the sharpest point of the lens, right at the middle to focus.

The EXIF data is available by selecting the picture. ;-)

Sometimes, it is worthwhile to go MF.


  1. I thought the picture is very sharp and at the same time the colour is vivid. :)

  2. I get really frustrated with AF when I can't get it to focus on white surfaces. I will switch to MF. I have read that it's also advisable to use MF when there's little light. I use MF when I do light painting (writing with a torchlight where you need to shoot in the dark).

  3. Very sharp and nice. Snoopy's fur remind me of a rug. Haha

    I've tried shooting in MF but my problem is choosing the right shutter speed. How to know/agak wor?

  4. Hi all,

    Tekkaus - Thanks!! I set my camera's colours to have a higher saturation. The rest, just edited a little using photoshop...

    Mei Teng - Ooo.. I've yet to try at low-light conditions. I'm still quite slow using MF but will give it a try. Wow, light painting... Hmmm... I've yet to try that!

    Che-Cheh - I chose Aperture Priority for that shot. Ooo... as to how to agak for Shutter Priority, well, I'm not sure for Nikon but for Canon, when in Tv mode, we are able to see what aperture size will be used when we set a particular speed... You were playing Manual mode??

  5. Yeah playing with MF. But pict came out dark because I dunno how to set shutter speed.

  6. Hi Che-Cheh

    Ooooo... Just have to remember the principle for shutter speed. The bigger the number, e.g. 1/1000 means the shorter amount of time the aperture is open mah. :P

    Anyway, worth trying the MF again.


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