January 20, 2010

Diet & Exercise - Linked Soo Closely...

Just a quick post since I've got to start studying some stuff soon.

Over the weekend, I caught up with my mates whom I've not seen in a while. One of whom I've not seen even before the event of 21-Oct-2009.

I was shocked to see my friend lose so much weight in the span of 3-4mths!! She was on some liquid diets and did manage to lose quite a bit of weight but I think she found it hard to lose the 5kg or so to reach her ideal weight.

Then, she started to work out at home on her treadmill and now is about 1kg away from her goal weight. Back in uni, she was a little chubby and had lost quite a bit of weight by sleeping the entire day - essentially skipping most of her meals.

Well, I'm also happy to report that I've lost some more weight too, i.e. I think I may have dropped a couple of kgs too. It's linked to my diet, medication & exercise. Ever since I've cut away about 99% of sugar from my diet, every thing seems to be better.

However, I still have a little bit of high blood pressure despite me cutting off a lot of salt from my diet. The most difficult part is to have a balanced meal when we're not at home, especially when you're out with friends or colleagues. I've tried to ask the hawker or waiter to help me ask the cook to prepare my food with less oil and salt to much avail. Sometimes it works, most often times it doesn't.

Seems that oil & salt are "cheap" for these restaurants/hawkers? Hey... I'm still paying the same price despite them putting less "ingredients" and that contributes to their bottom line & they still don't want to do it??

Anyway, I'm still on my diet & exercise regime. My exercise is getting a bit more intense after my doctors gave me the green light. My strength training has been slow as I've got to start all over again on building them muscles...


  1. This is the first time I hear such method -> Sleep entire day to lose weight haha I'm sure it works but not healthy lo.

    Sohow many kilos have you lost? Soon you will need a brand new wardrobe! :P

  2. Angie!

    When we saw you that day, me and Richelle knew it was you but at the same time we weren't sure as well! You've lost a lot of weight, my friend. Kudos!

    Liquid diets are iffy as you tend to lose more muscle in the process. I'd personally just up my cardio and watch my diet than go without solids. We're humans, not fishes. :P

    I know exactly how you feel when it comes to outside food. As you know, I'm at my new work place. Prices are a killer is one thing, but if you're looking for quality and quantity to the price you pay, you ain't gonna get it. So, I share your pain. :)

    All the best!

  3. Healthy eating + exerise = good weight management? :)

  4. Hi all,

    Che-Cheh - Yeah.. My friend actually did that. We were quite concerned about it. Well, since I've embarked on my gym regime since 2007, I've lost around 20kgs.

    As of today, from 21/10/2009, I've lost about 5-6kg? Docs say I've got to lose more, and I agree with them.

    Chris - Hi pal! I miss our gym talk-la.. Anyway, I think I'll embark on a more stringent strength training when my muscles are stronger. Still got loads of cardio to do.

    My journey is long. Even after I reach my goal weight, it's going to be a life long journey.

    I agree with ya about the liquid diets. Rarely does work, it's not a realistic weight loss program. Weight loss should be gradual and not too drastic. That's what the docs are telling me.

    Mei Teng - Yesshhh!! No fad diets, just eat right. Not too many processed foods and saturated fats please. Keep active. As we grow older, we lose muscle and bone density. So, EXERCISE for LIFE!

  5. Well, being slim is a great thing. Glad to know that you are fitter right now Angie. :D

  6. i support u.....keep it going ok ....health is important

  7. Hi Tekkaus, Via,

    Tekkaus - Thanks! I'll post my "transformation" soon when I've hit one of my milestones.

    vialentino - Yep!! Health is more important than Wealth! Thanks for your support.

  8. This post reminds me to go back to the gym and exercise! I think I lost all my muscles already due to no weight training for 2 months! Gosh!


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