January 29, 2010

Sweet Temptations @ Cupcake Chic

Just to demonstrate how "evil" EV can be... Last week, after a scrumptious lunch, she said she had to satisfy her cupcake craving; with full knowledge that I can't have sweets.

She had already declared that she was too full from lunch earlier but when we got to The Curve, she remembered about the little cupcake place just next to Gloria Jeans.

Yep, we checked out Cupcake chic...

No, I did not indulge with her. Only took 2 spoonfuls to taste the cupcakes and frankly, it is just too sickeningly sweet for me. There is only so much sugar, my system can take. After those 2 spoonfuls, I had a sudden craving to do a 20-min run on the elliptical trainer... -_-"


The first cupcake she chose was "Back to Basics". It is a vanilla-based cupcake with vanilla frosting.


The next cupcake EV chose was "Naughty 'n Nice" - a vanilla based cupcake with chocolate frosting. The sugar rice sprinkles completed the dessert.

I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes but if I could have any frosting on top my cupcake, it would have to be a lemon-based frosting. The zesty lemon taste goes pretty well with a moist cupcake base.

Anyway, since I'm not allowed to have any sweets, I can only dream of such desserts.

However, I do enjoy taking photos of these desserts. ;-)


  1. Anonymous8:45 am

    The cupcakes are so pretty.

    I have to admit I am not a fan of cupcakes. Maybe just a bite or two. The ones sold in cafes are pretty expensive. I have seen cupcakes selling around RM5 a piece. Designer cupcakes!

  2. When I read your post title, I thought you've been nottie. Haha

  3. wah...not bad...u can control not to take a bite...keep it up!

  4. Hi Mei Teng, Che-Cheh, Via

    Mei Teng - Yeah... These cupcakes are not cheap either! I'm not a big fan too. Lately, I've discovered by accident a nice cupcake from a stall @ Amcorp mall. It's not cheap at RM3.20 per piece. It's not sweet and taste quite buttery.

    Che-Cheh - Hahaha!!

    vialentino - Have to-la... When you work out so hard at the gym and looking at the estimated calories lost, you'll think twice about eating sweets...

  5. I don't fancy cupcakes. I prefer cakes!! Haha! Give me a nice cheese cake anytime! Oh, even bread with butter and kaya is nicer than cupcakes! LOL!

  6. Hi foong,

    Yeah, cakes are more worthwhile than cupcakes, right? :P

    Anyway, I find the cupcakes look so pretty to photograph.


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