January 05, 2010

Mixed-Herb Roast Chicken @ Home

Since one of my goals this year is to be healthy, I've been on a quest to discover some healthy recipes (low salt, sugar, fat) to cook at home.

This is a simple roast chicken recipe which I've adapted from Jamie Oliver.

  • 1/2 fresh chicken
  • Olive oil (about 2 tablespoons but depends on size of chicken)
  • Dried Mixed Herbs from MacFoods
  • 1/2 a lemon
  • Pepper and Salt (optional)
1. Clean the chicken and pat it to dry.
2. Mix the dried mixed herbs with olive oil, pepper (and salt) and juice of 1/2 a lemon into a bowl. Keep the lemon skin as it can be used for roasting the chicken later. Spread the marinade on the chicken.
3. Leave chicken to marinade for 1-2hours.
4. When ready to roast the chicken in an oven, cut the lemon skin and place on the roasting rack of the oven. Place the chicken on top of the sliced lemons. Do remember to place a tray underneath the rack to catch the drippings from the chicken.
5. Roast at 300F for at least 45 minutes or until the thickest part of the chicken is cooked.
6. Rest the chicken under tin foil before serving.
7. Serve with steamed vegetables and starch of choice.

You may also make a bit of gravy from the drippings provided the excess oil and fat has been discarded first. If you like to make it a bit more spicy, add a bit more cracked black pepper for taste.


I decided to serve my chicken with some steamed broccoli and baked sweet potato. Of course, I removed the skin before I ate... Kekeke...

The chicken is quite different from your average roast chicken which is usually with salt, pepper and honey or malt as the marinade. This roast chicken is fantastic when paired with a tomato-based pasta as well.

Hope you all will try it out soon!


  1. Ooo.. looks delicious...


  2. Oh wow looks so good leh. You're a better cook than me. I've never roasted a chicken before. Haha

  3. With olive oil? Hmm...must be different and tasty. :)

  4. looks nice wor. i somehow donno how to use oven still :P

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm

    When it comes to eating chicken, I love only the wings and drumstick. Don't enjoy meaty parts like chicken breast. And I love sweet potatoes.

    A wholesome meal you have there! :)

  6. Hi all,

    Glad you liked the photo. Do try the recipe, as it's simple. :P

    keeyit - It tastes delicious too!

    Che-Cheh - Hahaha... It's not that hard to roast a chicken but can cause a mess in the oven...

    Tekkaus - Yeah, olive oil makes it taste so much better. It has a slight citrus taste unlike normal vegetable cooking oil.

    Alvin - Haha, your oven not yet "open ceremony" yet-ar? Anyway, I use the broiler which has the same oven function.

    Mei Teng - Ooo.. I used to be a dark meat person too but ever since I tried white meat, I love the sweet taste of the meat. Chicken breast can be a bit harsh at times and alot of people don't like that.

    Chris - Yep!! Good after gym meal, eh?

    Joyce - Yum yum!!!


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