February 04, 2010

Improving My Skills

Yes, it has been a quiet start to February here...

Besides being busy with my twin nieces (who are at such an adorable age now in their "toddlerhood"), I've been going around shooting the various CNY decorations around the malls. Those pictures are not ready yet as it's still stored in my camera. I'm a bit lazy to edit the photos for now.

I've been studying the articles in my photography magazines in a bid to improve my skills and learn how to use the DSLR settings more effectively.

Certainly, I came across a lot of books, articles and online resources and forums to learn about photography but nothing beats having to apply what you've read or learned when you're out there for a shooting session.

I picked up this guide from MPH a couple of weeks back for only RM19.90. It has a lot of great tips for folks who have just picked up their DSLR or pro-sumer cameras. There are some basic principles in the guide to get beginners started, which is useful after you've gone through your camera's manual. ;-)

Since books are a tax-deductible item, I've gotten myself a few books last year... One of the important books I've gotten is the field guide for my camera which is great for me to learn more about my gear to set it accordingly.

I love the book about light by David Prakel as it gives me an idea on how light affects the photos that we take. The pictures in the book are truly inspirational.

Anyway, I still like my online forums and resources (especially PhotoMalaysia), where you get a lot of tips, critiques and advice from the many sifus there.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to improve my skills so that I will do less editing and more in-camera processing, i.e. setting the camera right before taking a shot. It's not hard when I want to take objects or landscape but when you're at an event, getting the settings right for your camera and flashgun can be quite a challenge!

So... In the spirit of my alma mater's motto - Ancora Imparo (I am still learning)


  1. Wow...you bought so many books just to hone your photography skills? :D War..you are really pro ler.

  2. Anonymous8:40 am

    Reading does help improve one's photography and putting it into practice is very important. I enjoy online photography resources at http://digital-photography-school.com/

    I see you have a book on the Rebel Xsi. Are you using a 450d? I use a 450d.

    Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure is a recommended read as well as Scott Kelby's Digital Photography book.

  3. So many books. Good :)
    I only read from the net. And I've not even finish reading my camera guide book yet. :P (lazy keke)

  4. Hi Tekkaus, Mei Teng, Che-Cheh,

    Tekkaus - I'm not pro-ler... That's why need the books to study-lo.

    Mei Teng - I subscribe to DPS too! Love the site. Yeah, I'm thinking of getting Bryan Peterson's book too but after I finish my current set.

    Yeah, I'm holding a 450d. Now considering the Tamron 18-270mm lens to "replace" the kit-lens.

    Che-Cheh - Online resources are fantastic too but easier to refer to books when you want to shoot some photos...

  5. Oh... you are eying Tamron 18-270...

    I suggest that you consider EF-S 15-85. 15mm is great for landscape.

  6. u got two of the mags i have...thou it is canon one...but i learn a lot from the technique from there....those camera mags very expensive ler....

  7. Hi khengsiong, via,

    khengsiong - Thanks for the suggestion but I was looking for a longer lens so that I don't have to bring too many when I go traveling. Yea, I did consider the 15-85 and might consider it later. :)

    vialentino - Yeah, some magazines are expensive, esp the overseas ones. I go for the local versions which is just as good.

  8. I am learning photo shooting skills from my friends.. They all own dslr.. I just a very beginner on this..

  9. Hi keeyit!

    It doesn't matter what kind of camera you've got. The important thing is to understand your camera & its settings. Once you get hold of that, it's just capturing the right photo at the right time. ;-)


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