February 20, 2010

Pun Choi @ Room Eighteen, Tropicana City

It was the 2nd day of CNY and so, I was "free" to go out and visit friends and do our usual "stuff" - eat, drink, and play....ma*****... ;-)

EV and I had time to kill and so, decided to have lunch. Our other friends were not free and since she was alone, we both had lunch together-la.

We were surprised to find Room Eighteen open when most of the shops were closed. We've eaten at this place before and I had decided that the next time I come, I'll come with my camera...


After we ordered our food, the waitress came with a complimentary salad which stirred up our appetite. The only thing which I didn't quite like was the Thousand Island-like sauce but it complimented the items in the salad.


I do like the 炸两 or "zaa leong" which is fried dough fritters wrapped in rice flour noodles. This is a sinful dish because it combines the unhealthy deep-fried dough fritters with starchy rice flour noodles and salty soy sauce for dipping. I've been searching for this dish in KL ever since I was introduced to it in Australia in a Chinese restaurant.


Another side-dish we ordered was the infamous 小龙包 which funnily tastes very similar to the Dragon-i's recipe although the dough done by Room Eighteen is slightly thicker.


Finally.. Our main meal arrived which was the 盆菜 or "pun choi". This dish is enough for 2-3 persons and it is pricey at RM33++ a bowl. However, the bowl is full of meat, vegetables, "fatt choi", plump mushrooms and lots of meat (again!).

EV has not tried this before and I've eaten "pun choi" several times with some friends a long time ago. The one I've tried was at Low Yat where we had to order 1 day in advance as it takes a lot of time to prepare for it!

Anyway, I like this dish as the flavour changes as you eat through each layer of item in the bowl. In Hong Kong, 盆菜 is commonly cooked for CNY and other special occasions.

Note that it would take around 15-25minutes for the preparation of the dish as it needs to be steamed individually. So, in that time, you can order a few other side dishes to vet your appetite. ;-)

I don't recall if this is a limited offer but if you're interested in 盆菜, do go over to Room Eighteen to try it out before the New Year is over...


  1. Anymore pictures of the Pun choi? :p

  2. Anonymous9:17 am

    The 3rd dish is siau loong pau isn't?

  3. wah, i love the xlb...tried here once...

  4. Hi Tekkaus, Mei Teng, Via,

    Tekkaus - No more pics... Dare not take the after shot as it will be just an empty bowl.. Kekeke.. :P

    Mei Teng - Correct, it is siao loong pau. Quite yummy...

    vialentino - The food is pretty ok. Standard has to be kept up as this is from Tai Thong group...

  5. I love eating pun-choi that is serve in a big bowl for 10 pax.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Yeah, pun-choi for 10 is definitely tastier as it has more ingredients..


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