February 19, 2010

Lion Doing Acrobatics @ 1Utama

I wonder if any of you folks have caught the Thai Lion Dance troupe in action at 1Utama this year but the performance was pretty fantastic!

The performance started off really good with some small kids performing some acrobatics and it was impressive.


The pole is quite high which was about 1 and a half stories high. Quite nerve-wrecking for folks who are scared of heights...


The lion dancers really are agile & strong to be able to carry the lion's head up the pole as the rest of the troupe stabilizes it.


Both dancers balanced themselves on top of the pole which is no wider than 8-inches across! Once they stabilized, the troupe below slowly moved the pole so that it sways back and forth. Looking down from above, I was afraid that the acrobats might fall off!

There was no cushions or mattresses below...

Watching the troupe in action is something quite different from the usual lion dance fare. Certainly, 1Utama did their bit in bringing in the CNY cheer this Year of the Tiger!


  1. Wow! I should have dropped everything and just went there that day! Damn! Missed a great show!! : (

  2. wah...really a daring stunt without cushion for that height ... yeah, i like the cny deco in one utama...

  3. Awesome...I love Liondance. :D

  4. you did it again, beautiful pictures, can use it for cover page.


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