February 17, 2010

I Saw Some Cats & Lions But No Tigers...

恭喜发财! Hope that everyone is enjoying their CNY so far...

I'd guess by now everyone would have visited most of the shopping malls and have been blown away by the sheer amount of decorations that was put up.

EV was particularly excited with the giant Lucky Cats of 1Utama. She had pestered me about it for a while. So, I was put to work once we arrived there...


I would have to say that the decorations were impressive. The cats arms could move and in typical lucky cat fashion, beckoned prosperity and luck to flow to the shops and subsequently owner of the mall. ;-)

There were plenty of cats to go around the new wing of 1Utama and I managed to take loads of pictures of them. However, I was more impressed by the cultural shows the mall has arranged as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.


There was a lion dance performed by a local Malaysian troupe. The acrobatics were fantastic!! As a kid, I used to play the lion dance with the neighbours and we had a ball of a time. While watching the lions in action, it is no wonder that the Malaysian troupes are a fierce competitor in the annual lion dance competitions held in Genting Highlands.


It's strange that whenever I watch the lion dance being performed, I get that happy sense that Chinese New Year is in the air. The sense that I can hang out with my relatives and friends during the few days off is something I look forward to every year.


I think the kids enjoy watching the lion dance more than the adults. I have no doubt that by the time they get home, they would have tried out some of the acrobatic stunts with their friends or siblings. Kekeke... I used to jump up and down the beds with my sister and cousins too pretending to be a lion dance performer.


However, one biiiigggg part of the CNY festivities has left me feeling particularly nostalgic. The fireworks or firecrackers... or, the absence of it.

I'm sure the slightly more matured folks amongst us would recall a time when we would spend nearly most of our pocket money on fireworks, firecrackers, pop-pop and other items to satisfy our inner pyromaniacs. No lion dance was complete without the firecrackers being set off.

I recall times during my childhood when we would not be able to sleep as people would set off the firecrackers at midnight to ring in the arrival of the 财神. There were "competitions" as to whose firecrackers would burn the loudest and longest, i.e. to signify the amount of money luck to come in the new year.


Anyway, those days are gone. Now, we are contented to listening to the electrical version of the firecrackers going off from the decorative firecrackers hung in our homes. I'm sure that in the kampung, firecrackers are being lit. ;-)

1Utama did have a few more interesting shows, including the one performed by the Thai troupe which I will post in my next blog entry.

Meanwhile, have a great CNY!!!


  1. so good to see 1U in red red color~
    ang ang~~~ xD

    nice photos angie :]

    that day i went there with my family, too many people, before CNY only walked new wing. then after that another time went there, only walked old wing. LOL~

  2. War...beautiful lion dance o. :)

  3. Anonymous9:26 am

    CNY is quiet these days. The absence of firecrackers and atmosphere....unlike what most of us experienced when we were kids.

    Maybe the people at 1U deem cats in the same family as tigers...although the latter would be big cats!

  4. I missed that lion dance at 1Utama! Looking forward to the show performed by the Thai troupe which you'll be blogging next! : )

  5. Hi Renise, Tekkaus, Mei Teng, foong,

    Renise - Thanks! Yeah, 1U is always packed full of people. The old wing didn't have much decorations but had a lot of stalls selling stuff..

    Tekkaus - Yeah, the lion dance was good. Wished I had the long zoom lens to capture more action...

    Mei Teng - Yeah, I miss those old days. Hahaha... The Japanese deem the cat as lucky and is synonymous with tigers...

    Foongpc - Yep... The lion dance was held only for 2 days. Anyway, hope you like my next blog...


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