February 23, 2010

Lights Lights @ I-City, Shah Alam

I've been a bit lazy to blog lately. Well, I've been busy editing photos & uploading them in various places. In fact, I still owe some folks their beautiful photos too... :)

Anyway, I did squeeze in some time to hang out with some ex-colleagues @ I-City during the weekend. It was a spur of the moment thing where we just agreed to go and explore the place.

Now that I've posted some photos up in Facebook, my other photographer kaki want to go there and shoot too. Most of them are Nikon kaki & own the beautiful D90... So, that means that I can keep my little Canon 450D in my dry cabinet at home-la... Kekeke..


I was surprised that I-City has put up alot of LED lights on display. Initially, I had thought the light display was limited to a small park near the office buildings.


Fellow blogger Che-Cheh blogged about the Christmas lights @ I-City and ever since then, I had been curious about the place. When my ex-colleague mentioned that they had put up something for CNY, she suggested we go have a look.


We arrived just around sunset as we thought it would be a great time to take photos. True enough, it was fantastic! I'm glad that I brought my 50mm lens and the flash gun as I needed it for the night photos later.

I was lazy to bring my tripod as it is such a pain to setup and carry around. So, most of my shots were done by hand holding the camera.


If you walk around the I-City, you would find that the management has setup a small exhibit just by the multi-story carpark. There were loads of people around and so, sensing that it was getting pretty late, we left by around 9pm.

Surprisingly, we were lucky to experience good weather that evening as it had been raining earlier during the day. So, we felt a cool breeze as we walked around the exhibits.

Getting to I-City is easy. There are road signs to guide you on your way.

If you're coming from PJ, there are 2 options you can take:

1. Take the Federal Highway and go towards Klang. Keep left as you see the sign "Padang Jawa" and I-City. The signs will lead you to I-City.

2. Take the NKVE and exit off Bukit Raja. You will need to do some sort of U-turn to head to I-City. Not to worry, there are signs to lead you there.

Anyway, best to google for the map or head to I-City's website for the location map.

Have fun!!


  1. It will be a sight to behold at night right! :D

  2. Anonymous8:31 am

    The sea of lanterns is beautiful. And are those real cherry blossoms? How come there are colourful trees too? Wow...they have really done up the whole place.

    I must make a trip there one day :) Thanks for posting the direction.

  3. Hi Tekkaus, Mei Teng,

    Tekkaus - Yeah! Should visit at night!

    Mei Teng - It's not a real cherry blossom but rather a fake one. :) Worthwhile to take a visit there to take those photos!

  4. I'm thinking of going there again but I heard it's more jam-packed now. Yes?

  5. may I know what type of camera do you use? nice pictures.

  6. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. The camera I'm using is a DSLR - Canon 450D. Glad you like the pictures! :)


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