February 10, 2010

First "Lou Sang" for Tiger Wooo Hooo Year!!

"Yee Sang" (鱼生) which literally means "LIVE FISH" (translated from Cantonese) is a typical Chinese New Year dish we folks in Malaysia love to eat once the lunar new year comes around.

This time round, my first Yee Sang was with some ex-colleagues and we celebrated it at Spring Garden, Mid Valley. Every year, our ex-accountant will organize this sumptuous get-together where colleagues past and present are invited to enjoy a "Sao Gong" (收工) dinner just before CNY starts.


The act of "Lou Sang" is quite fun. The higher you "lou", the better your luck will be for the coming new year.


Anyway, the yee sang served at Spring Garden was pretty good. The salmon was fresh and the ingredients are not too sweet.


From the "mess" we made, you can tell that we've got a pretty good year ahead. LOL!! With all the "choi" (财) spilling out, means we expect to be abundantly lucky.... Kekeke... Anyway, it was a mess for the waiter to clean up after us - paiseh... paiseh...

It was a night of lots of "YAAAAAAMMMM SEEEENNNGGGGG" and food. I managed to catch up with some of my old colleagues whom I've not seen for a long while.

Food was great and I'll talk about that in my next post.

Meanwhile... Before I forget, I would like to wish everyone a 恭喜虎年!!!! May the Year of the Tiger be a Wooo Hoo Year for you and your family...


  1. Yerrr.....I haven't even had mine yet. :(

  2. I haven't had lou sang yet! This Saturday will the first.

    I like the 3rd photo where bits and pieces were strewn on the table like colourful paper confetti :)

  3. I love to lou sang and I love yee sang!! Happy CNY to you! : )

  4. i love yee sang and lou sang moment....messy table only looks real ler ...meaning we got lou enuff....check out my blog...raymond's farewell

  5. Hi Tekkaus, Mei Teng, Foong, via,

    Tekkaus - Am sure you're going to "lou" during reunion dinner, right?

    Mei Teng - Yeah, I like that photo too. In fact, we take it as a sign that good fortune awaits us as everything has overflown from the plate.. Kekeke

    Foongpc - Happy CNY!!

    vialentino - Yup! Thanks to my ex-colleagues who always make a big big mess. It's a good year ahead.. Hope for big bonus, promotion... I think the senior manager wants us to come back.. LOL!


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