February 12, 2010

Reunion Dinner @ Spring Garden, MidValley Megamall

It was a crazy time during the reunion dinner with my ex-colleagues last week.

There was so much drinking and eating that we just drove away most of the customers in the restaurant.. LOL!!

Just kidding... In fact, we usually book a private room for our reunion 收工 dinner but this time round, they wanted to charge us RM200 extra for it!! So, we declined and opted to have our dinner in the regular open area.

The restaurant was quiet and we were glad. A couple of years back we had to share our dinner with a wedding in another restaurant. It wasn't good because the kitchen had to hold back a couple of dishes due to the wedding party, which meant that the last 3 dishes were just rushed out to us!


After the "lou sang" was over, the waiter quickly served the 1st dish which was meat. That made all of us happy as we had to wait a long time for the rest of the party to arrive from various parts of KL/PJ.


The next dish was succulent tofu. This dish would go very well with rice as it has plenty of sauce and flavour. Yum!


No reunion dinner is complete without anything "live" and this meant that we had our steamed fish. I love fish steamed in this manner as you can taste the sweetness of the fish.


The vegetable dish wasn't quite so vegetarian as the dish had some chinese bacon cooked together with it. This dish can easily be too salty due to the extra chinese bacon but the restaurant managed to balance the flavours out.


For future "哈哈" or joy, we had our crispy prawn in salted egg yolks. This happens to be my bro-in-law's favourite dish whenever he goes to King Crab. So far, only King Crab seems to have done it right! :-)


Finally, for dessert we had the infamous duet dessert... The "woh peng" and "tong yuen". Both were not too sweet and so, I could have some of it.

All in all, we enjoyed the food, fun & camaraderie with old friends and ex-colleagues. The party this time was smaller than usual, but the warmth was not lost.

I'm looking forward to the open house in the coming week where there'll be more fun with lion dance and more ex-colleagues to catch up with!

Meanwhile, hope everyone will have a safe journey home for your reunion dinner!!


  1. NicE!! How much did this all cost?

  2. Hi Mizzsharon,

    We paid about RM70 per pax. This included the drinks & etc... There were around 20 of us though.

  3. I wanna eat the second dish Angie. :p Anyway happy CNY to you.

  4. Nice food! Yummy! : )


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