August 29, 2006

Don't Laugh At People Who Have Mumps...

I wonder why I posted this as "Funny" as there is nothing funny about this... Nevertheless, since we're here, we might as well write something about this.

I've been pretty caught up with work lately as there is a number of things to achieve by the end of September. *Sigh* Anyway, it shouldn't be a problem... GAMBATEH!!!

Anyway, the problem started on Friday afternoon after I had a pretty good lunch with my colleagues. We decided to have "ikan bakar" that day I think and so, after I got back I decided to have my Fruitybix granola bar as dessert.

A horrible pain started to grow from the left side of my face and extended throughout the jawline. I felt a large swelling and it didn't seem to want to stop. I sort of panicked and decided to check myself in the mirror. However, since I'm so fat, I can't tell the difference if my face was swollen or not. In the end, I began to feel for the gland near my ear (where the origin of the pain/swelling was) and it was puffy. So, I called up my good friend, EV (Emotion Vampire).

EV: Harlo? What you want?
Me: Eh, last time you had your mumps, was it swollen near your jaw?
EV: Yea.. Yea.. It was painful beneath the ear. Why?
Me: I think I may have mumps.
Me: ...
EV: Are you sure or not? Maybe its your toothache or something?
Me: I think its the mumps, I should probably go home and see the doc.
EV: Wahhh.. Like that also can. Go see the doc now-la!
Me: I'll go see my family doc, he has my medical history
EV: Up to you-la... Eee. So, you look like a pig now!! HAHAHAHA
Me: *Sigh*... Yea, goes to show, cannot laugh at people who have mumps. Sure you will kena next time.

I did go check out the doc and he said that I've got infection of the parotid glands. I didn't have fever but I was feeling a bit tired lately.

I wonder why I caught it. Probably it’s due to this very bad ulcer at the left side of my mouth which took a while to recover, causing it to be infected.

Anyway, I've to avoid certain foods and take any medication to reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by the virus.

No, you can't kill viruses with antibiotics. If your doctor gives you antibiotics for a viral infection, you should reconsider getting another doctor. (-__-)|||

As of today, the swelling has gone down and now, I'm feeling a whole lot better. (^__^)

Anyway, more info about this can be found here. The image was taken from the United States National Library Of Medicine.


  1. Kath-d-Meow2:36 pm

    take a good care of yourself always yah... but sound cool to a have mumps !!! hehehe..

  2. hahaha.. thanks kath-d-meow...

    i don't know how i got it. (-___-)

    i think its because of my bad ulcer. (>__<)

  3. Wah... bad ulcer will get this?? o_O
    Take a good care of yourself ya.. get well soon. ^_^

  4. not sure, but the ulcer was very very bad. (T__T)

    Anyway, thanks! i feel much better liao. (^__^)

  5. I'm 49 and I got mumps. Believe me, it's VERY VERY painful. Doc's prescribed painkillers won't help much. Go get your jabs if you've never been vaccinated. You won't even wish that kind of pain on your worst enemies!


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