August 13, 2006

Its Alive!!!

Ah well... The Astro decoder enjoyed some life temporarily for a while but it finally decided to give up and just die after a couple of days.

So, in the end, my parents decided to call some Astro guy to give the decoder away, to be "destroyed" or "cremated" and put in a new one!! (As shown below...)

My colleague told me that the new Astro decoders are much smaller and was silver in colour. I didn't realize that it was really tiny!! Wow, compared to the old monster, this new decoder is really "portable"!!

The new decoders (the AstroMax) out in the market are very much TiVo-like where you can rewind, fast-forward and store some recordings from Astro (via satellite) onto the hard-disk of the decoder. We didn't want to subscribe to that since most of the shows kind of repeat itself after a few hours. Besides the darn thing is > RM1K... (>___<) The main point is, my parents can now sleep better during their afternoon nap because the Astro is back... (^___^)
Please take care of me...

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