August 07, 2006

My Astro REALLY Died.. (>___<)

It finally happened... The Astro decoder really died... (=__=)

Not sure what to do........... It was fine before...

Here's the conversation which took place between my mom and myself when I got home from work today...

Mom: Geline (yes.. yes.. we've established that its my home name), the Astro decoder is spoilt.
Me: *** jaw drops *** Really???
Mom: Yea. I called up the people and reported to them that the Astro wasn't working. They told me that they will send a technician over. To check the thing would be RM50.
Me: *** eyes widen *** Aiii??
Mom: Your father asked if it needs replacement, how much will it cost, and they said that its RM150.
Me: Hmmm...
Mom: Then your father asked if they could just send the replacement unit over and they said that they can't. They have to come over to check.
Me: *** Looks thoughtfully ***.... So, they plan to make RM200 out of us, no matter what... Hmmm...
Mom: Is there anyway to get around this?
Me: I would suggest that you call them up and give them a piece of your mind.
Mom: No-la, the girl was very helpful... Nevermind-la
Me: *Sigh* So, I'd guess when the bill comes, let me know-la, we split the cost.

Conclusion: The Astro is now "dead". What next? In order to get the replacement unit, the technician has to come over and we have to pay RM50. So, in the end, you still need to fork out RM200. (>__<) So, in the end, you end up forking out alot of $ to Astro. (-____-) Well, being the largest (almost a monopoly) cable services provider in M'sia, looks like I would have to succumb to their wishes and fork out the $ to them or else, my parents would be walking around like zombies for the next few days because they can't sleep without Astro. What happened to the DVD player and books? Well, they still read and stuff, but sometimes, they wake up at 3 or 4am because they can't sleep and so, they tend to watch shows on Astro, i.e. sports or movies... Wait... I REALLY NEED TO FIX MY ASTRO!! EPL IS STARTING SOON!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

((((( COOL DOWN )))))

Ok.. ok... No matter what, I have to pay RM200 for the Astro.. (-___-) Hopefully they won't take long to diagnose the thing..... Or else....


  1. Sometimes you need to tune the signals (a BIG piece of green signal on the screen means it is working fine). Last time we just called up the technician, he taught us how to tune it through the phone, lastly it works!!
    Anyway, my family no longer use this model of Astro decoder, dono since when it is changed to a new one, I think you should change it to a new one too. ^_^

  2. Apply for internet TV <_<. i think it is way cheaper and better

  3. janesse: my astro completely cannot turn on liao. turn on, completely blank... died liao. (>_<)

    ikzq: don't have tv card-le. my ex-company got and i used plug into the pc to watch tv while workin late in ofis.


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