August 09, 2006

Lady NOT In Water...

It was a pretty highly anticipated movie from M. Night Shymalan as it was based on his book for his kids. I enjoyed it except for the fact that some idiot sitting behind me was snoring away. Guess he was just too tired but he didn't have the decency to cover his freakin mouth when he yawned.. (>__<)

If you're watching this because you thought you might "see" something about the woman in water, let me explain this... THE LADY IS NOT IN THE WATER WITHOUT CLOTHES, OK??!!

It's not a bad movie. Some people thought it would be a horror/thriller movie, but its more fantasy than anything. So, an older kid may watch this with parental supervision, of course... (^_^)

Anyway, more details here...

NOTE: It may be dull at a start, listening to the conversation is critical....


  1. I heard the radio DJ said, "If you are a person that do not know how to swim, then you might scared to swim after you watched this movie.." >,<|||
    I dono how to swim, that's why I don watch it.. haha..

  2. ehhhh... -_-

    the dj BS alot... I didn't see any swimming also. I think if you want to be scared of water/swimming, you watch The Poseidon Adventure... :D

  3. i got phobia of swimming <_<

  4. y? bcoz of man in water?? :D


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