August 31, 2006

Merdeka 2006 & Festivities

It's Malaysia's 49th Independence Day. I'm tempted to say Malaysia's b'day but then, that would be absolutely inaccurate. Malaysia was born 16th September 1963 but we obtained our independence from the British on 31st August 1957. I believe not many of you know that brief little factiod... (^__^)

Anyway, I didn't do much this Merdeka. Usually, my Dad is absolutely addicted to the National Day parade and every year, he'll watch the parade on the local channels. I'd guess since he was a pre-Merdeka baby, this day would be very special for him. I used to watch it with anticipation to watch out for my school's brass band. (^__^)

Today, our family went down to Seremban to visit my eldest uncle, who has just shifted house. Getting to Seremban wasn't a problem but getting to his house was a different matter all together. THERE WERE NO ROAD SIGNS LEADING TO THE HOUSING ESTATE WHERE MY UNCLE LIVED!!!!

You can imagine the nightmare of us getting to the place. *sweat*

My cousin-in-law (my cousin's husband) asked us to call him whenever we reached a major landmark so that he could lead us to the house. (-___-)|||

Anyway, we got there safe and sound, and Snoopy was very relieved to reach the destination.
My other uncle soon arrived and we had a ball of a time. Here is just a sample of our day...

NOTE: My family's PRIMARY activity is EATING.... (It's a proud Malaysian tradition)

My dad & eldest uncle dissecting the durian fruit.. Notice the cleaver... ^_^|||

If you're wondering what or how a durian looks like, have a look at the following pics... **slurp**


Note that the chinese words I've decided to use is actually durian in cantonese, i.e. "lau lin"... (^__^)

The fruit in all its spiky splendour

I was very tempted to take a photo of my relatives in action, digging into the fruit but then, that would scare my blog readers away... Kekekee... So, I'd better spare you from the horror... LOL!!!

My eldest aunt also prepared some yummy non-durian based food as well. She had some "yong tau foo", glutinous rice and yam cakes made for us as well. A few more pics... (^__^)

White tofu stuffed with minced pork, Glutinous rice

Fried Tofu stuffed with Minced Pork & Stuffed Fried Tofu Skin

Meatball stuffed with Dried Mussel

Boy.. It was a BIG meal for us. We even had other fruits besides durian as my mom found a fruit stall just after the highway toll as we came into Seremban.

I took a few more pics of my relatives, including my mom.. Kekeke...

My 4th uncle, Dad & eldest uncle

As you might guess, I'm Hokkien. Frankly, I'm mixed, because I'm part 1/4 Hokkien, 1/4 TeoChew, 1/4 Cantonese and 1/4 Nyonya + Others... So, if this phrase is wrong, then please forgive me. LOL!!!

My 4th uncle currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, a place which I call my 2nd home. I do intend to go back there someday but not now. Not until I become more experienced in the IT industry and so, could command a higher position and salary when I make the big leap over the sea and ocean. (^__^)

My other uncle, the youngest one, wasn't in any of the pictures I took as he was feeling unwell with his sinusitis. Our family seems to be rife with this and it is a gene which I inherit as well. :(

Anyway, here is another pic of my uncle and mom.. LOL...

Uncle Hock: Smile!
Mom: **Exit: Stage Left**

All in all, it was a busy day. My sis' boyfriend did the driving to and fro KL-Seremban, so he's really exhausted. He had little sleep as they had a party up until 2am this morning.

My youngest aunt failed to turn up for the festivities as she had to work. Anyway, we will catch up with them the next time around. Once in a while, its good to keep in touch with relatives even though, we're busy. I do wish that I could catch up with my uncle since his trip was so short this time around. Seems that he might come back next year in August/September so that he can catch the durian season again.

Anyway, before I forget, I'd better say, Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!!


  1. yong tau foo..i know how to make la...theoretically. hahaha.

    durian, wah, few yrs never eat. -_- lazy to open.

  2. muahahahahaa....

    my aunt got a few of the stuff from the seremban market. seems that yong tau foo there is nice and cheap. (^_^)

    hehe.. i also know the theory of making yong tau foo, but lazy to make-la.

  3. I only meet my relatives (Dad side) during Chinese New Year, then Mom side.. hmm.. long long time only meet them once, although some of them are staying in KL. T_T

    After eating the durians, have to drink "salt water".. hehe..

  4. hehehe... our family don't meet up as often since all of us stay in KL, except for my eldest uncle, my 3rd and youngest uncle who are in Australia...

    So, getting together for certain celebrations is a big deal. :P

  5. Uncle Hock10:57 pm

    My dear Angie. Uncle Siew is your youngest uncle. Wonder if eating durian makes me look younger ?? I should be back again next year n thanks for taking us out to such an expensive South Indian restaurant.

    Uncle Hock (4th uncle)

  6. ooops!!! too much durian went to my head... (^_^)

    hahaha.... no worries about the expense. perhaps the next time, we'll head to a good seafood restaurant!


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