August 13, 2006

Pikom PC Fair 11-13 Aug 2006

There are few events which will rock the "geek" in all of us... One of which is the PC Fair, held twice a year in various parts of Malaysia (Penang, KL, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Sabah, Sarawak...), it allows us "geeks" and "geeks-wannabes" to head down to a big space to gawk and grab some PC stuff.

Anyway, I've been to a few of these many years back and what put me off was the manner in which it was organized. It was really a marketplace for people to just buy stuff, usually cash-n-carry for PC stuff at bargain prices. It was hot and sticky and when you did manage to grab some stuff, there were chances that some parts were defective and had questionable warranty.

Years have passed and now, this event is held in a proper venue and reorganized to give bargain hunters and observers a chance to see the latest stuff as well as grab some cheap items. Yup, for the past few years, we've seen the "display-chick" around microprocessor display cases, lugging around whole laptops and other gadgets. It feels like I've gone to the KLIMS (KL International Motor Show) instead of PC fair, where instead of model-chicks hanging around cars, I see them hanging around PC parts.. (^___^)... ~~~Whatever sparks your "lightbulb" buddy~~~

This time, I went to the PC Fair with my colleagues, which was a lot of fun...

Team Lead: Awrite! Everyone has their assignments?
The Team: Yes Boss!!
Team Lead: Ok!! Move out!!

** Following the crowd. Notice the barriers and how the personnel are directing the traffic... **

Me: Geez, its like a marathon here...
Team Lead: Yeah...

(( Feels like we're being herded... like sheep to a slaughterhouse... where's the slaughterhouse --> bargain stalls ))

Team Member 1: This one looks good...
Team Member 2: What you mean? The "size" of the breasts looks good?
Team Member 1: Yea...

Typical... You walk around guys, they approach the gals handing out brochures and stuff and these are like model-chicks! So, you can imagine, I'm sure that they had their pics taken by these geeky fanboys.

** Back at the office **
Team Lead: Awrite! How was the assignment?
Team Member 1: I think the Samsung girls look the best.....

Anyway, jokes aside, I was looking for some stuff. I decided to head back after work during dinner time to get my stuff. So, as I walked along the last exhibition hall, I noticed the large Corsair booth and they were not just selling or showcasing the gaming RAM but also one of the most sought after gaming machines ever............. The ALIENWARE.... (o____O)

I had passed the booth earlier but we were rushing to get back to work that I didn't get a chance to really take a look at it. Anyway, take a look at these couple of pics...

What a beauty!!

Have a look at the side profile of this bad-a**...

Oooo... BAABBYYY!!!!!

There are only so few things in life which make us drool over such creations and certainly, ALIENWARE desktops are just one of these things. And you'll definitely drool over one of these babies as you can't get them locally through your local DELL supplier. (-___-)

If you're wondering which model this little beauty is, its one of the Aurora series, though I'm not very certain which model it is from. So, go over to ALIENWARE's website and just drool over these babies for a bit.

So, what did I get from PC Fair this time around? Well.. I got a number of essential items, as shown in the picture below...

Eeee.. My new toyys!!!!

If the picture is not very clear, I got the following,
  • A new webcam by V-Gear
  • Kensington Laptop Lock
  • Logitech Mini-mouse
Well.. I figured that I needed a new mouse because the one provided by the office was just too bulky for me to use and carry, should I move about during project works and so, I decided to get one which had a wrap-around cord for easy transportation. I contemplated a wireless optical laser mouse but then, thinking about taking care of the batteries and etc, I had to say "no" to that. :(

Here's a lovely close-up of the mouse...

Anyway, I had a blast at the Pikom PC Fair this time around... Note that all the pictures were taken by my new Sony Ericsson K750i and I'm really impressed by the macro-closeup features of this camera phone. Hahaha...

So, it was $$ well-spent... (^____^)


  1. i want a wacom grafitte 4 6"x8" <_<. it cost RM 680 uwahhhhhh i want it

  2. Hahahaha... sorry man, can't help you there. I want a lot of things as well.. (^___^)

  3. I think I only went to PC fair once during my college time. Every time wanna go there also clash with something.. =_=||

  4. mmmm... nvm, there's always next yr. :D

    what to do, PC Fair not your top priority ma... ;)


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