July 18, 2006

My Astro Died... & Resurrected!!

There are a few things which cause my dear Mom to "panic",

1. Unexpected events such as car trouble or being late.


2. Electrical items "dying" at her hand.

Last night, I was hanging around my pc, figuring out why my downloads were a little slow, when my Mom called me to the living room,

17th July, 2006 @ 11:30pm...

Mom: Geline, come!! (yes.. My nickname at home is "Geline")
Me: Yea?
Mom: Look at the Astro, it's not responding!!
Me: Huh? What happened?
Mom: Dunno... I wanted to change the channel with the remote and then, the screen went blank. Look... Look... No more channel showing on the decoder. Is the remote spoiled?
Me: ** Looks at the decoder, pats it a little **
Me: Let me "restart" the decoder-arh..
Mom: Let me get the Astro book, it'll teach you all sorts of things... ** scurries off **
Me: o__O ** Goes to "restart" the Astro **
Mom: How-ar?
Me: Still like that-ohh.. No more indicator.. *sigh*.. Maybe burned out liao...
Mom: Aiyoooo.... Nevermind-la, I don't watch too much Astro anyway during the day.

It's true, my Mom doesn't watch too much Astro during the day. Sometimes, she will turn it on just so that she can sleep. (0_O) Don't ask me why, it's her habit.

Anyway, we had to break the news to my Dad. I think he took it pretty well but he was disappointed that he can't watch any of his golf. I think there was some LIVE telecast of some championship. If this had happened during World Cup, I'm sure he would have fallen on his knees and prayed for the Astro decoder to come back to life...

Update: 18th July, 2006 @ 6:45am
Astro is back alive.... (o____0)... Don't ask me why, but the Astro is back on and this should delight both my parents very much. (^__^)


  1. I dont have astro <_<, anyway astro take too much of one time. i will be stuck in front of TV whole day if i have astro.

    Even with PS2 kekeke

  2. Hahaha..

    That's for a start. After that, boring liao...

    PS2, I think I can spend an entire day playing too. (^__^)

  3. hey, my rent house dun have Astro de, actually dun have televesion also, feel a bit boring..
    But Astro is sot sot de, when raining then cannot see, so lousy.. your mummy very cute indeed! haha..

  4. Hahaha...

    These days, Astro also not so nice. Keep repeating the shows. (-___-)

    Anyway, get a TV-output card and receive local TV also quite good enough. (^__^)

  5. hahaha. Halo.. I am Luuee.. yea.. It really feels bad.. Astro went out of service.. so many great stuff to watch..

  6. Hi Luuee,

    Yea, when Astro is out of service, its ok, still got DVDs to watch. Worse come to worse, play PS2!!!!

    But my parents will be unhappy because they can't watch their favourite shows. :P


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