July 05, 2006

Another Heartbreak...

My last couple of posts were a little bit serious and very geeky. ^_^

Anyway, I was working on my post this morning when I think the network blocked access to Blogger. o___0

I did not get a chance to watch the 1st semi-final between Germany vs Italy as I clearly forgot about it... *____* but also, since England and Brazil bowed out at the quarter-finals, I lost some interest in the WC. Oh well, rest assured, I WILL watch the finals whoever it will be. (PLEASE.... PLEASE.. PLEASEEEE... Let it be France lifting the cup!!)

For those of you who STILL have no news of the score, Germany lost to France at extra time (unbelievable). The scorers were,

119th minute - Fabio Grosso
120th minute - Alessandro Del Piero

I got a shock when I saw that Del Piero had scored. I was reading through the match report and found out that he had subsituted at the 104th minute. I'd guess Italy was banking on him to be included in the list for the penalty-shootout after extra-time. Anyway, if you do know your football (I know a little.. *blush*), you notice that this is Del Piero's 1st goal of the tournament. He's not known to be a goal scorer but he's been around with the Italy team for a while now.

My heart goes out to Germany and all zee Germans out there. I have to concur with a lot of people that Jens Lehmann did a phenonmenal job as the #1 goalkeeper for the German national squad. If ever someone were to fill Oliver Kahn's HUGE shoes, he would be the prime candidate.

Anyway, I wait for my 3am appointment with France and Portugal. I'm waiting to see the two giants of football clash, Zidane and Figo, both players who will retire at the end of WC2006. If Portgual goes through, they are VERY VERY VERY VERY lucky. Cristiano Ronaldo had better wear full-armour plating should he return to Old Trafford for training... (>__<)

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