July 10, 2006

Toys at Work I

Photo from JRTA Caption Contest #140
"In case of Bad Day, Open Case, Remove Jack, Play."

I was thinking about what I should blog and a couple of things turned up, but I'm too lazy to get to it for now. :)
So, for fun, I was thinking about what would make the workday fun... Kekeke..

This is my first post... As you can see, a little dog is in the briefcase. Wouldn't it be fun if you could bring your dog to work?

Well, it would be great... And it would be even more fun if I could bring Snoopy to work in this way. (^_^)


Snoopy: grrrooowwwwlll.. whine whine..
Me: Shhhhh.. Wait, I'll play with you in 5 minutes time.. (^__^)"
Snoopy: woof!! woof!! (time to play! time to play!)

The office environment can be a bit stuffy. Wished that we were like some companies in the US, where we can bring our pets to work, to help us de-stress. :) Am sure Snoopy will be a big hit.

Snoopy: **super kembang**


  1. walau..
    like that the company will become Zoo ler.. nowadays ppl like those weird weird pets de.. hahaa.. nvm la, we got LION in our company already, pure original.. muahahhaaa...

  2. hahaha!!!!!

    Yealo!! Sei... Someone I know like butterflies.. How to keep?? -_-|||

    Just thinking out loud. LOL!!


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