July 29, 2006

I'm Officially Old

Yes.. I've finally turned the corner and hit another decade... I feel older but am I wiser, don't think so. (^__^) Anyway, you youngsters out there think that life comes to an end when you're done with your twenties, but I think its just a beginning. Right now, I feel I'm a bit more secure in my financial standing, my career is starting to take off and I should be quite satisfied with myself. I should be thinking more about what I can give back to society and not what I am still able to take instead.

So, what am I looking forward to my next decade? Well, not much. I'm looking forward to what I can still learn and teach... Saving up more $$$ for my old age and taking care of my health so that I can be active like my parents who are in their 60's at the moment.

So, anyone else out there who's also born on 29th July, Happy Birthday!!! I know at least two other people who share the same b'day with me, so, Happy Birthday Joshua and Alice, wherever you are... (^_____^)

I leave you guys with a parting shot from last year's b'day celebration...

Looks kind of disgusting, right?? (@_@)... We had too much pancake last year and this was one of the "b'day desserts" we had... Kekeke...


  1. yeah! yeah! happy birthday today you!!! you always say you old old old, actually how old oh? hahhaa

    I like your way of thinking oh, you will be my admirer and I will gambateh to fight until I can get the same status like you when i reach your age now! hehe!!! You also gambateh oh!!!


    happy birthday to you!

  2. hahahaha...

    I'm actually 30 this year. (^__^) Kind of old compared to you youngsters...

    Anyway, am a little sad on my b'day too as it will be one of the last times I'll see my friend as she is migrating to Australia.

    Thanks for the wishes.. Kekeke....

  3. Hallo angie!!!!

    Luckily still sempat to wish you Happy Birthday!! Hehe..

    Another two of my friends also having the same birthday as yours. So happening huh. ^_^

    Anyway, wishing you Happy Forever on Birthday & Non-birthday to YOU!!!!
    (In short, Happy Forever la.. hahaha)

  4. Hahahaaha!!!

    Thanks Janesse!! (^__^)

    Paiseh... Paiseh... This year is a little special since I've reached the age where got "no change returned"... Kekekekee...

  5. aiks i am late!!, happy belated birthday!!!! ^^ u are still young dont worry.

  6. Thanks Ik!!! (^_^)

    As what people always say... "Stay young at heart!" :)


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