July 14, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Beta??

I am a major fan of Firefox. I try to push people to use it, especially if they're IE users. Anyway, some of you might know that Firefox 2.0 Beta is out.

If you're interested, here's the link on the Firefox 2.0 Beta (p)review from eWeek. I'm not going to install it but AFAIK (as-far-as-i-know), not too many new features other than spell-check for forms, anti-phishing (finally!), security enhancements and some enhancements to the tab system on the browser.

BTW, for some of you geeks out there who are developing web-based stuff, it pays to know that Firefox is not Acid2 Browser compatible. :(


  1. here is a experience of me changing from IE to firefox recently. i started using firefox like 2 weeks ago after seeing the tabing features which i really likes. Hey Opera have that features as well.

    After using, it is indeed faster a bit in page load and it save hell loads of space for me in the start bar for all the IE screen open up. BUT, if i were to do something important, i will still use IE.

    I dont know how many of you realise, if a Firefox windows crash or loading all other tab+windows would not be responding as well. Last week, i was doing some research, so i open up 8 webpages 5 on 1 firefox windows and 3 on another. 1 of the webpages i opened dues with PDF, and hey it crashed, and all my 8 websites is GONE, total GONE, i have to do it from scratch again....

    I hope firefox will improve in the 2.0...

  2. Yes, Firefox seems to have an issue with "crashing" and this "bug" has started since firefox 1.0.7, IINM (if I'm not mistaken).

    The reason why firefox will crash is because of memory leaks. If you open up your windows taskmanager you can see that the memory usage of firefox is pretty high. I have put up this link ==> Firefox Tweaks, Extensions, and Optimizations a while back and some of the optimizations did work.

    Why did firefox had a memory leak? It was part of a "feature" Mozilla developers put in to help you download pages faster.

    Anyway, the most common problem I face about firefox crashing is because of a stupid corrupt PDF. So, I can't blame firefox, its Adobe's fault... (^_^)

    Do try out the optimization tips. It really does help. :P

  3. I will i will thanks for the tips


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