July 06, 2006

French Fries Are Yummy!!

So, France is going to meet Italy for WC2006 final. Again... I did not manage to wake up in time to catch the match. (=__=)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I turned on my TV and got into the "Results" section of the Astro special menu to find out who won the match... It was... France!!! FRENCH FRIES FOR EVERYONE!!!! Zidane delivered a very nice penalty to beat Alexandre Ricardo. England, take notes! (-___-)"""

Kekeke.. I checked the stats, wow, only 2 yellow cards, one for each side. Anyway, I'll check the repeat later today after work. I'm sure both side has their fair share of dramatics, i.e. diving, play-acting --> (touch a bit, fall down, roll around in pain... think Patrick Vieira... kekeke)

Anyway, we shall see now who will win in the finals, would we have frogs legs or pizza... (^__^)

Oh yea! For the 3rd place match, we'll see if we'll have sausages or Nando's chicken again. Kekekeke..


  1. hahaa.. actually i was waiting to see whether the protugal goalkeeper can make a goal at the last few minute, wahahaa... but then, i am so excided, they deserved it!muahhaa

  2. wahahaha!!! I didn't watch the match. I think I should watch it. :P

    Watch zidane's beautiful kick. (^__^)

  3. hey, i purposely wake up to watch one, see how they lose.. muahahhahaa, i am evil~

  4. (-__-).. You are definitely evil...

    Keke.. So, you will work your voodoo magic on Portugal when they play Germany-la. Haha.. I hope Klose will score 2 goals at least when they play. Kekeke

  5. i woke up and watch the match as well, i was hoping portugal to win woooo wooo wooo, i hate france grrrrrrrr

    but indeed zidane did a good job there.

  6. wah liao... portugal full of divers, not football players-le.

    Go Zidane!!!!! Most expensive player ever!!! (^__^)


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