July 02, 2006

Late Heartbreaks...

I can't believe it! Two big heartbreaks in a span of a few hours. O___o

It really does baffles the mind. England went down to penalties despite being a great team of 10 men, holding a scoreless draw against Portugal after Wayne Rooney's send-off. It baffles me that Gerrard and Lampard missed the penalties. I wonder if they had practised their penalties as so late in this stage, it would not be surprsing that a penalty-shootout would entail after a grueling 120-minute match. England played good. My usual commentary of England's defence being poor is revised as I saw the likes of Ashley Cole, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand did some fantastic work in defending against the Portugese.

Then, there was Brazil. It was World Cup 1998 all over again. That time, Brazil had a fantastic performance through the round of 32, 16 all the way up to the finals until that fateful night in 1998. Ronaldo had been sick some minutes before the match (found out through Internet news) and when he played, he wasn't his usual self. France took advantage of that and beat them. This time, it was different. Brazil did not shine throughout the tournament and I had a very strange feeling that they underestimated their opponents this time around. Anyway, it was a fantastic goal from Henry... Just utterly classic, it was Brazil's mistake for not marking him when the free-kick was taken. -_-"

So, now, we're looking at an all European affair for the semi's and finals. I'll be looking forward to the Portugal vs France match as two giants, Zidane ("Zizou") and Figo play out what will be their last international match before their retirements.


  1. Portugal!!!!!!!!

  2. Portugal will not pass.

    It will be Germany vs France final. :>


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