May 02, 2007

EV Ages!!! (Yes.. Though hers is the slow-aging kind...)


I did not bother to post an announcement, but the Evil has decided to pay me a visit.

Every year, she happily declares that the whole of M'sia is celebrating her b'day TODAY (May 1st), although, she was born on May 2nd...

Yes, when I told her that she shared the same b'day with David Beckham, her reply was "Is it?". I went (o_0)

The next question she asked was, "Who is he?"

My jaw dropped wide open. I may have swallowed a few flies in the process.

Anyway, since she was down for a visit (and a quick bloodsuckvisit), I decided to entertain her. Although, I'm bracing myself for more torture tomorrow, errr... later today.

Conversations with EV has gotten more exciting. Because, we seem to be talking more nonsense than usual... (^^)

For one, we seem to be having discussions about hair...

After more talk about hair...

EV: See!! I bring the customers in.
Me: Yea, right!
EV: No!! Serious!! When we first came in, there was nobody. Now, got a lot of people coming in.
Me: So, Baskin Robbins should pay you some $$$-la.
EV: Yealo! Should charge them!


Anyway, Happy B'day David Beckham.

Anyway, Happy B'day my dear friend!! My life certainly is a lot more colourful when you're around. Here's to many more years of fun and joy. God Bless!!!

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