May 15, 2007

It's Here!!! Minutes to Midnight...

It has been an agonizing 6 weeks. Not that I'm on a diet or anything, but I have been waiting for the launch of Linkin Park's latest album - Minutes to Midnight.

Anyway, for all those who have been wondering about my IM status message, I was counting down to the day I could pick up my CD. So, when I got to work this morning, the first thing I did was to grab this CD.

I can now declare that I have been following this band ever since I heard their first song - "Crawling". Sure, it was edgy and that was my feeling then. I can't comment on this album yet but the guys have matured in their music - even Mike Shinoda has branched on out his own personal project with Fort Minor.

Anyway, I'll definitely take my time to enjoy this CD. Woo hoo!!!


[Update - 4:02pm]
I've just finished listening to the CD (multiple times) and the CD is less edgier than the last one. More so because the band has announced that this album allows them to experiment with a few things to express their creativity.

The songs which I find very good are:
  • Track 2 - Given Up (good way to destress)
  • Track 3 - Leave Out All The Rest (nice!!!!)
  • Track 6 - What I've Done (launched as single 6 weeks back)
  • Track 10 - In Between (vocal + base line only... really cool!)
Anyway, enjoy the album. It is another good one from the boys. ;)

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