May 10, 2007

EV's Pet...

As you can tell from the title, you are bound to know that this is going to be funny. I can't hide that, because my conversations with EV always end up being funny somehow. (^^)

** Mobile phone rings **

Me: Aiya... That woman is calling...

** Picks up phone **

Me: Harrrlooo???
EV: Why you pick up phone so slow???!!!
Me: Eh.. My phone is not sticking to my body...
EV: Hahaah.. It should! You're so slow!!!!
Me: Hahaah.. So, what you want??

** After some "meaningful" conversation **

Snoopy: Woof!! Woof!!
Me: Wait-ar...
EV: Why??
Me: My dog wants to come in.
EV: Your dog???
Snoopy: Woof!! Woof!! Woof!!
EV: sighhh.. You go and entertain your dog-la...

** After some licks from Snoopy later **

Me: Ok.. She's gone.
EV: Hmmmmppphhh!!! Looks like you really love your dog.
Me: Yeah, I am sure you love your cats last time.
EV: Yalo... She was very good. Know where to pee/poo in the toilet. Cats are so much smarter than dogs.
Me: Yeala.. Only your cat!! So, you plan to have cats later?
EV: I think my cat will die of starvation.
Me: Leave some food out-la. The cat know how to survive one. Like this black cat last time, come and steal fish which is on the table in the kitchen. This is before Snoopy came.
EV: Wahh.. So smart!
Me: Aiyoo.. So terrible-la. You don't have that problem meh??
EV: My house? I "keep" a rat-lor...
Me: ?????
EV: Yahh... I have a Milo rat.
Me: ?????????? (0____o)

** I couldn't help but laugh.. After 2 mins... **
Me: *ahem*!! Why you have a Milo rat?
EV: Ohhh.. This particular rat likes Milo. It is sooo smart! It knows how to open the Milo tin.
Me: ???? How you know?
EV: Sometimes, can see the paw mark in the Milo. And the tin is open in the morning.
Me: WAAAAHHHH!!!!!! I thought rats like rice and stuff.
EV: Yalo!! Dunno-la...
Me: Didn't you put it in a plastic box or something?
EV: Yeah, we did... But the feler bite through the plastic box...
Me: So, how you catch the rat?
EV: At first, we used fish in the trap but then, not laku. The feler (rat) didn't want to come.
Me: And then?
EV: So, my mom said to use Milo-lo...
Me: Don't tell me.. You actually made a "Milo ball" and stuck it in the trap.
EV: Hahahaa.. Yalo! But first, it wasn't good, the ball fell out and we couldn't catch it. Then, we made the ball bigger and caught the rat. My goodness!! It was so fat!!
Me: HAHAHAAHHAHHAHHHAHAA... There you have it! Milo... Sihat dan Kuat!! (Healthy and Strong!)

(^ ^)... I can't help but laugh when I think of this story. Frankly, I think after a few meals of Milo, this rat got very smart and was able to open tins and such. I think it's probably due to the Vit B in Milo which helps improve brain function. Hahahaa.. But then again, I could be wrong. Animals are intelligent, we just don't give them enough credit.

Anyway, just a note. A Milo Ball is just water and Milo. You basically take a small spoonful of hot water and drop it in a bowl of Milo to make a small glob. After that, just roll the glob until you get a ball of Milo.

I did not know that you can take Milo in that manner. I've used it as chocolate powder and hot drink, but not to eat it "raw". (*___*)

BTW, eating Milo ball is EV's favourite snack... Go figure...

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