May 22, 2007

What To Do If Someone Blocks Your Car...

My family got into the e-mailling mood and she related something really funny to us. So, the idea for this entry and contents of it, I got from my aunt. :P

Aunty Julie, I give you full credit, ya!!!

This is very common in M'sia... Where some barger will park his car indiscriminately anywhere (even in front of a DO-NOT-PARK sign) and so, at times will block another person's car.

Aunt's Colleague: Barger-la... This idiot is blocking my car, so difficult to go out!!
Aunt: Yealo!!!
Aunt's Colleague: Ok, let me try to get out...

** after many many many zillion minutes, later... My aunt's colleague managed to get out **

Aunt's Colleague: Barger-la (wipes sweat)... Wait, must teach this feller a lesson...
Aunt: What you gonna do? Scratch his car-ar?
Aunt's Colleague: Worse than that... Got pen or paper?

Aunt's Colleague: **scribble ** **scribble** Nah!! Gao Tim! (Cantonese for "done or complete")

My aunt's colleague left this note to the owner of the vehicle...

May a thousand birds shit on your car and dog pee a thousand times on your 4 flat tyres if you continue to park illegally

That has got to be the best note ever!! HAHAHAA...

It did work for a few days but then, it started all over again... (0___o)


  1. Anonymous10:08 am

    good way to tell them.. but it would be better if u got a brick or big stone and put on a piece of paper on their windscreen u that they will never block other ppl car..hehehe

  2. Hahahaaha... Great idea. ;)

    I'd guess another one is to put barriers around the car so that the owner realizes that his car is like a barricade to other people as well. :)whh


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