May 16, 2007

When Will We Ever Learn...

It was a rainy Wednesday morning here in Kuala Lumpur. ('_')

I woke up to a nice "light and sound" show at about 5:30am. I thought to myself, "Oh heck!!! The roads are going to be clogged"... and I promptly went back to sleep. (^^)

Anyway, no matter how good or bad the weather gets, we have to move our butts off our bed and drag our tired and unwilling (or willing for some of you passionate folks out there) bodies to work. I decided to wait out the rain a bit before venturing out.

Eventually, I found myself on the NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway), which led me from Subang Jaya all the way to KL (Jalan Duta to be precise).

Halfway through my journey, I attracted a visitor at my car's tail - a brown Waja, tailing me closely at about 100kmph despite the rain and slippery roads on the fast lane. I usually ignore the guy, looking for a chance to safely manoeuvre out of the way so that he could pass. However, I got a bit cheeky. I decided to speed up a little to see if he could "catch up".

He did not tail me so closely but then, after the Bukit Lanjan turnoff, I decided to stay on the middle lane because I wanted a safe drive. I thought to myself, "Nasty bugger...@#@$@@!$#@#$! Heavy rain still want to speed..."

Just before the Jalan Duta toll, I decided to switch back to the fast lane and just then, the cars decided to stop abruptly. I managed to stop in time since I wasn't following the cars closely. However, cars behind me had to do some emergency
manoeuvre so that they don't hit the cars in front of them. Wow.. It sure was a close call. (o_0)

Anyway, there was a nasty jam and so, I cut out to the middle lane and while driving by, I noticed the brown Waja again. He was the one who caused us to stop abruptly as he failed to stop in time. He had hit a gold-coloured Vios. It was a nasty accident as his front bonnet was bent out of shape and the Vios's bumper was dented inwards.

***Phew*** That is karma at work.

When will we learn? We are not F1 drivers whose cars are equipped with dry/wet tyres suited for all road conditions. Besides that, didn't that driver learn about the 3-second rule while following another car?

For those of you who took a "kopi license" (*ahem* paid a bribe to get your driver's license), the 3 second rule states that while following a car, you must be at least 3 seconds away. That means, you try to count a static object by the roadside as the car in front of you passes it. Once the car in front of you pass that object, you start counting down - "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi..." until you pass that same object yourself. If you can't count pass Two
Mississippi, you're tailing too close to the car in front of you.

Oh well, this incident has taught me a lesson - don't drive too fast while on the NKVE. After all, reaching your destination safely is more important than reaching there fast.


  1. The lesson should be don't drive too fast ANYWHERE, not only on the NKVE.. =.=

  2. Well said... Well said...


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