May 01, 2007

How to Be Happy/Positive

Note: I have to admit that today, I got a little too emotional, felt a bit blue because I could not do something technically simple such as presenting a topic for discussion today. Of late, I am finding myself to be quite incompetent and wonder if I deserve my position. Frankly, it is just a simple matter of faith in one's self but when it comes to dealing with others and gaining that respect, faith in one's self is not enough. Anyway, I shall try to find it in myself to talk about this topic and hence, make me feel good about myself again.

My previous posts were a bit too "technical" but I needed to find a place to put up the "tips" on how to setup Ubuntu properly. Anyway, with the latest release, configuring and customizing a Ubuntu box would have gotten easier.

Anyway, my last post on "staying positive" got me thinking, how do I get to be happy/positive in the first place?

Let's get ONE thing straight - A happy person still has problems, and disappointments but despite it all, is able to handle both the joys and sorrows of life in a well-adjusted manner.

Also note this, we also learn to be happy. Why do we need to learn how to be happy? Isn't this something that we're born with?

Remember, we are born with very little skills. At birth, we are absolutely dependent on our parents; so frail, we are not able to fend for ourselves. At a very early age, we learn by observing our environment. Hence, our knowledge about happiness and how we adjust to it depends on what we have absorbed. Scary thought, isn't it?

However, all is not lost. We are a learning species. We still can learn to be happy. (^^)

I've been listening to some motivational talk (trying to drum it in my head) by Dr. Murray Banks, a psychiatrist who came up with some interesting audio tapes. I got this from my sister's boyfriend who's also into motivational subjects.

So, listening to "Just In Case You Think You're Normal", there are 9 ingredients of a well-adjusted person.

1. Do you know how to make the most of what you got?
- Happiness is not about what you want, but what you've got. We are never happy with what we have, for example. haven't we yearned to be taller, thinner, smarter, more beautiful and etc? Certainly, we are not happy with ourselves but what happens if we are born deaf and blind? Why can't we learn to be contented with what we have?

2. Do you know how to stay forever young?
- Our consumer-based society today worships the young. Everywhere you look, the latest and greatest in trends and fashions are targeted towards the young. So, as we outgrow a certain age group, we start to feel alienated and "old". Age should not be measured by the calendar, it is measured by how "old" or young we feel. We should not be shackled in by the notion of our age. In fact, the older we get, the younger we should feel. Our minds are only going to get better.

3. Do you setup new, interesting goals in life?
- Once you have setup a goal & achieved it, it is natural to setup new challenges. Why? All for the feeling of accomplishment and praise. We humans also like a bit of variety in life, for it motivates us to improve ourselves. However, if you do encounter setbacks, remember that it is only temporary and we should have faith in ourselves to over come it. When we do overcome it, we will feel great because we have accomplished something.

4. Do you know how to live each day to the fullest?
- Saving a day in the hope of "cashing in" for the future is foolish. For we do not know when we shall leave this earth, it is best to live it as if it were our last. So, we should not let the small worries of our life eat us for it certainly wastes our time. Why want to waste precious time of needless worrying?

5. Do you know how to make the most of a bad situation?
- When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Your happiness does not depend on how the world does to you, but it is of your attitude towards it. It also means that we should try to turn our setbacks into new opportunities as well.

6. Do you know how to live with yourself?
- This is not about living by yourself. This is about being able to be honest with yourself and the ability to enjoy life. If we can't live with ourselves, how could we expect other people to live with us?

7. Do you try to please everyone? Trying to satisfy everyone is a near impossible feat. It is possible, but at what cost? Have a little faith and confidence in yourself and understand that you cannot satisfy everyone. There will always be someone who think critically of you. However, there will be others who appreciate you.

8. Do you know how to laugh at life?
- Life should not be taken too seriously. Certainly, laughter is the best medicine. Of course, sometimes, it can be difficult to laugh at life, but life is short, we should not stay sad or depressed for too long.

9. Do you care for your fellow Man?
- This means being able to bring happiness to another person; say something pleasant about the person instead of something hurtful or deceitful. This also means that you are also able to view the other person's point of view.

These are just some points. In my honest opinion, we must also project happy thoughts in order to influence our outlook on life. For, if we do not think about how to be happy, how could we become happy?

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