October 28, 2008


It has been nearly a month since I've started my journey into photography with my DSLR.

Well, I've just done a bit of comparison between my Nikon 5900 and the DSLR. Now, it's an unfair comparison since the DSLR can do a little bit more than a little point-n-shoot. However, my little 'old PnS was one level below the pro-sumer range of Nikon cameras some years back. ;-)

Macro shot of some bubbles...

Another shot of the bubbles...

Both pictures have been taken at a slightly different angle and from the colours, I've adjusted the white-balance of the photo before I took the shot.

Can you guess which one was taken with the DSLR and which one with the Nikon 5900? (^___^)

You can try to enquire the EXIF data but I believe that has been wiped off when I edited the photo to put in my usual "trademarks".

Anyway, another question; which one do you like more? :-P


  1. I don't know which one is taken by dslr but I like the 2nd photo.
    Actually both photos are good.

    How to view EXIF data?

  2. Maybe 2nd pic with dslr, as the WB has been adjusted?

  3. Hi Che-Cheh, neo...

    che-cheh - Hahaha.. Thanks. :-) If you're using firefox, you can download an extension called Fxif which allows you to view any EXIF data of any picture online.

    neo - :-), I've actually adjusted both camera's WB. These two photos are from a series of shots I took.

  4. Wah you got DSLR le... I only use my SE phone..

  5. Hi keeyit,

    Hey... don't underestimate those SE phones. They are cybershots too. ;-)

    Anyway, the pics on your blog of your trip are nice. (^__^)


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