October 23, 2008

Trying Out The Lawn by Marmalade @ KLCC

This little cafe has been around KLCC for a while now and I've visited this spot a few times whenever I'm "stranded" at work.

For the past few weeks, rain has been wetting parts of KL and causing some flash floods (despite having SMART; which isn't so SMART after all...) and so, I've been stuck at work. Not wanting to spend more intimate time getting to know my car more (as I've got a bad right knee); I've decided to camp stay back at work.

During such times, I have to pick out a location to eat and have been at The Lawn a few times.

I've tried Marmalade once and found the food to be a tad bit tasteless but healthy "tasteless". I love the cupcakes though...

This time, I decided to go healthy and try out a sandwich & fruit juice.

I've forgotten the name of the drink but it's a mixture of green apple, celery, mint and ginger. It's very refreshing.

As for the sandwich, I went for the pesto roasted chicken avocado on foccaccia. There was some home-made aioili which went nicely with the creaminess of the avocado. The chicken wasn't that dry even though the part used was breast meat. I love the freshness of the pesto and wished that there was more spread between the sandwich.

Close-up view of the sandwich.

After my sandwich, I felt I needed to indulge my sweet tooth. Since I was nuts about their cupcakes, I decided to try their carrot cupcake.

The cream cheese icing complemented the carrot cupcake. The size of the cupcake was just nice for me.

Quite a satisfying dinner. I didn't feel all that guilty after eating at The Lawn... Hehehehehe

Of course, the next day, I hit the gym and had a great workout. LOL!!! (^____^)


  1. I've never been there before. The food looks delicious and healthy! What about the price?

  2. the food looks healthy and yummy. never been to this place but then again, i hardly go to KLCC these days. it is so chock full of people and the traffic around the area is simply horrible :(. Have a happy Deepavali time off.

  3. Hi foong, yororanitesky!

    foongpc - The food is healthy and so, would not very tasty but some stuff are nice. The price is reasonable, i.e. RM15+ for hot meals.

    yoronitesky - If you want to sample their food, you can head to Bangsar Village 2 and go to Marmalade. People tend to go for the cupcakes than their meals. :-) Yeah, KLCC is a nightmare these days... I will "enjoy" the crowds soon when the Grand Malaysian Sale starts again...


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