October 30, 2008


I looked up this morning and found the cloud formation to be really interesting...

Have a look at this series of shots.

The two antennas are not exactly working now. One of it is the regular television antenna, while the other one used to be the antenna used to receive the now defunct Metrovision; which has now been revived as 8TV.

These photos were taken before 8:00am...

I only managed to take these photos because:

1. Rusty the JRT woke me up at 6:00am so that he can go play/pee... (-__-)
2. I was on the late shift.
3. It has been dry for the past few days.

Anyway, I've still got a looonggg way to go to improve my skills...

Here's to a cool blue-sky weekend folks!! :-)


  1. Hahaha you must be bored.

  2. Yeah I like to take photos on sky.. I like the light blue sky with white clouds.

    Natural blue...

  3. Hi TH, Keeyit...

    TH - Nahhh... Saw interesting cloud formations in the sky that morning. Might as well take a pic of it. ;-)

    keeyit - yeah.. Blue skies signify happiness, a much more simpler time. :P

  4. Nice photos and I like the first one!

  5. Hi curryegg,

    Thanks! :-)


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