October 21, 2008

One of Those Days...

Rusty relaxing after MRDO 2008

It's just one of those dog-gone days where you wish you could just lie in bed the entire day...

Yes, I'm demotivated again after going through a stack of documents and application screen shots which the client insists that we change. The client is expecting that the change be done FOC (Free of Charge).

Tough shit!!!! (~___~)

This is because the changes requested are not that simple. It's not a question of changing a text label here or move a field there, it's adding/removing functionality, putting up a listing of data where you cannot manage the actual data itself (think of it as "ghost view") and stuff like logic change.

The biggest ick factor of this project I'm working on right now is the fact that the "common" application had undergone some major changes and they FAILED to inform us about the change.

So, when it came time for UAT (User Acceptance Testing), of course the test(s) failed.

We had asked previously about any documentation or contact to liaise with in regards to their "common" application but we were greeted with blank stares or just "no, no, no, no..."

My question is, if you do not share information or knowledge; how will the other party know what is right or wrong?

I am not God. Though, at times I wished I could be. (^___^)

*sigh*... It's only Tuesday??? @#$@#!!@##!#!@#


  1. Client everything also want FOC one.. I prefer work according to the sign off document.. Else I got to change many many times to suit client..

    Yeah lor... you thought I am God meh... I hope I were..

  2. Like you said it's only Tuesday. So chill out a bit like Rusty. :P

  3. Hi keeyit, che-cheh,

    keeyit - Yeah... The problem is, even after sign-off, the customer still wants to make those major changes without extra payment. *pengsan*

    che-cheh - lol!! Yeah, I'm trying to chill out. Doing other stuff (work-related-la) instead. Kekekeke

  4. Holy sheet! Sounds so the familiar...

    Haih, I tell you la, the clients we have are the best at being the worst. Serious! They demand, demand and demand but when we need their help, they be quieter than a mouse trapped in a corner!

    Oh well, can't wait for the walk! Woot!

  5. Hi Chris,

    Yeah... Clients will always be like that. Anyway, how was the walk?


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